A Make-up Item Every Guy Needs to Snag From his Girlfriend.! (Roll +Blot )

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Milk Makeup

Roll+Blot face blotting/rolling papers

$10 for 100 sheets from Milk Makeup


I know I’m not the only human who has looked in their front camera and desperately wished for a face blotting paper.  I also know I’m not the only human who’s looked in their bag at the function and couldn’t find the rolling papers.  You’ve had one, and not the other, or like me you’re not afraid to go to extreme lengths for either … whether it’s deli napkins for a quick degrease situation or it’s the desperation in Macgyvering another smoking instrument.  I”m not afraid to put my survival skills to use in any of these situations.  Thankfully Milk Studios is here to bring national attention  to the phenomena that most likely has been hibernating in your car’s center console since forever. The duality of rolling papers … not an outrageously, groundbreaking phenomena but wow — the materials are eerily similar and absorbent to normal blotting papers that you would pick up at the drug store.  I love this so much.  So I’m sure people have  been doing this for decades but never has there been a market that is ready to shed the stigma of being a marijuana smoker.  You have two options on the site, choose a grey option of the pack or a leaf print which is designed to still be secretive in terms of whipping out rolling papers, but once you open the pack’s flap people will know what you’re really about.



   I’m all for the convenience of this product while lessening the amount of junk in my purse, but honestly Milk Makeup does a great job of creating a rolling paper and face blotter that hits all their individual and necessary points.  The paper keeps my makeup in check with absorbing the grease that mostly accumulates  in my T-zone.  Importantly enough is also keeps my highlighter looking fresh and shimmery without taking away that natural gleam.  Not going to lie, I had very low expectations for this product on the smoking side. I figured they should leave it to the professionals …RAW is the expert and I have been a devoted customer since 2009.  Milk Makeup’s papers were visually the same thing as RAW Papers but they weren’t organic which was pretty important to me considering I’m mostly inhaling paper fumes while enjoying my “all natural” herb. Aside from that I rolled a lovely product from their papers, and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the paper and the burn.  We tested them out with tobacco and also a mixture and all 3 experiments yielded the same results.  I would absolutely go out of my way to purchase this product on the Milk Makeup website.  100 sheets come in a pack for $10, whereas RAW Papers are 32 sheets per pack for $3-$4 (do the math).  But the convenience of grabbing RAW Papers along with the popularized organic ingredient, might override my decision between the two but the Milk Makeup papers aren’t bad to have around in a jam.