Why are my brow so out of control?  Can Anastasia tame my brows?  


AnastasiaBeverly Hills DIPBROW Pomade Blonde

Written by Deana  P



My only experience with Anastasia is I used to get my eyebrows waxed at one of her salons in Nordstrom's at the the mall. They always did a great job & I always left happy & my brows always looked terrific.  


AnastasiaSoare is the founder & CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills.  She owns brow salons, a makeup line & has a list of celebrity clientele that include, Naomi Campbell, Kim Kardashian & Jennifer Lopez, plus many more.  This shows why her brand & line have caused a brow revolution.  It also shows why she is the ownerof a multimillion dollar business that cotinues to gain momentum & notoriety in the industry.


DIPBROW pomade comes in a small compact tub & is designed to cater towards oily skin & to be worn in humid environments.   The product is made to be an all in one brow product.   It is brow primer that provide color, sculpting & shading.  I tried it on my brows and although a little light for my coloring, I did like the look & feel of this product.  For anyone that needs to improve the look of their brows, I would recommendthis pomade.  It does the job that it claims to do. 


The price is fair as it is pricey to get your eyebrows done and this can extend the time in between visits to the salon.For more info. on it & a look at more ofAnastasia’s product line, Check out her website below.  Her products are available direct or at