MILK Eye Vinyl & Concealer Review 

Written By Myrna .R


This past week I had a blast thinking out of the proverbial box with innovative ways in which to use these two aforementioned products. So I'll first start out with the frontrunner in this little contest of efficiency. I absolutely adored the performance of the unassumingly packaged MILK Makeup concealer in the shade MediumTan for an instant brightening and neutralizing effect.  The star ingredient of this little gem comes in the form of Arnica(for centuries used as a holistic method for reducing swelling and bruising) which in effect helps not only hide, but also to TREAT undereye darkness or discoloration over time! I rate this one a five star for its minimalist packaging and superior performance and blendability.


Next in the lineup we have MILK makeup's iconic Eye Vinyl in the shade Bridge.  Now I will say that I was the most eager to try this little guy, but sadly wasn't all too thrilled with its wearability and overall performance.  In all fairness I will preface this by saying the the glossy eye lid is in fact meant to be more editorial in nature and perhaps my expectations were set too high(I did envision myself on some imaginary catwalk or photoshoot somewhere perfectly primped and primed with my budgeproof glossy lid.)  Well enter reality! In fact the way it played out was my wearing it for a chill night of hanging out at my cuzzo's; to which the reaction to this bomb glossy lid was "Why do your eyes look so greasy, are you wearing ointment?!) Indeed NOT the reaction I was going for and I realized I'd have to go back to square one and figure out a different technique to make the Eye Vinyl more wearable.  Some success finally followed when I wanted to go for a glossy/glittery eye a la' Pat McGrath.  It was at this point that I had my Eureka moment when I used the Eye Vinyl as a base for my loose glitter--Ta Da!!!! It worked. But not for long as the night wore out so did my lids a bit.  But at the end of it all I figured let me own my glittery/glossy/slightly smudgy lid. As we all know the quest for perfection is a long and winding road: especially when it comes to makeup!  I give this product three stars.