OUAI Medium Hair Spray

By Amanda V.


Gone are the days when hairspray wouldleave your hair hard to the touch, crunchy and with flaky white residue. I cringe at the thought of it. I always avoided hairspray because i felt that it was so hard and crunchy that the strand would break off. This Ouai Medium hairspray is the complete opposite of what I feared. Not only does this smell like a a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, but it has such a great hold, as well as leavingyour strands soft and touchable with body and movement. This spray worked perfect for taming my annoying flyaways and massive amount of baby hairs by spritzing a bit on a toothbrush as well as over my entire blowout for a frizz free barrier. Even through the most humid day this year as well as getting caught up in the rain, my hair never frizzed, it stood exactly the same as when I left my house. What made me love this product even more is that it works well with my damaged, thin strands. While many products tend to weight my hair down down, this Hairspray is featherweight with the lightest mist. I haven't experienced any white flakes or sticky residue whatsoever which is what I look for most in a product such as hairspray (which i thought was absolutely impossible until now). Ouai has yet to fail me and has become a major staple in my hair routine and trying to get my hair back to it's healthiest state.

You can grab a 7.2oz can at your local Sephora and Sephora.com as well as TheOuai.com for $26. I recommend this product to those who want a frizz free blowout and also those whose strands are on the finer side and cant use heavy product.