Ouai Haircare Soft Mousse Review

Written by Deanna P

I recently read an article that spoke very highly of Ouai haircare.  I was super excited when I received the soft mousse to try.  I first noticed the sleekpackaging.  It put off a simple elegant vibe that I really liked.  

The Mousse size is net wt 6.7 oz /190 g & retails for $28.00.  


Ouai was created in 2016by renowned celebrity hair stylist Jen Atkin.  Jen’s career started in Hollywood where she has worked with the Kardashians, Jessica Alba, & Christy Teigen to name a few.   Her career has done phenomenally & she charges $1100 for a haircut & blow dry. After traveling the globe she wanted to start a hair care brand that spoke to the the real woman.  Something that everyone could relate to.  We as consumers have so much to choose from that it is hard to navigate all that there is out there.  Jen Atkin’s goal was to make something modern, that provided effortless style everyday.   Jen says,  “Life is hard, looking good should be easy” Oauimeans yes in a casual Parisian way.  The company’s tag line:Say YES to Real Hair for Real Life.   #sayOuai


Ouai has made mousse cool again!  The mousse makes hair fuller & bouncier.  It is a non sticky mousse, that smell terrific & volumes your hair beautifully.  There is no animal testing & it is paraben free.  It also won Redbook’s best new product as the best volumizer.  The mousse can be used in damp or dry hair.  Work it in into hair to calm frizz or boost the volume. I used it for a few days.  Two of the days I put it in my damp hair & let it dry naturally.  When I had used mousse in the past, my hair was sticky & crunchy.  This mousse made my hair look soft & beautiful.  I loved the texture.  The third day, I blew it out & it also looked great.  Soft, beautiful smooth locks. I definitely would use this mousse on an everyday basis.  I feel it is definitely a good value for the price.  A lot of mousse is inexpensive, but it absolutely does not work as well.  


I can’t wait to try other products by this brand.  

You can purchase products at: 

 theouai.com or sephora.com