Milk Makeup Gel Brow

By Amanda V. 


Brows are very important to me, and even saying that is an understatement. I'm not talking the ever popular Instagram Brow, although that’s beautiful and a work of art,  I'm more of a Brooke Shields, full and fluffy kinda gal. It has just always been my thing. For that natural full and fluffy kind of look that I thirst for, there aren’t many products other than my beloved Glossier Boy Brow that can do the trick but… just recently I think I've come across my new favorite Brow pencil. For the past month I've been using Milk Gel Brow on these unruly and slightly patchy brows of mine. The pigment on this bad boy is spectacular and it glides on so silkily. The light formula fills in the sparse patches in my naturally full brows. although at first glance it does look extra dark while in pencil form, but when used on the brow its glides on like wax but has the consistency of a light silky powder. This waterproof, matte pencil has buildable tint because I did go over twice to get it slightly darker and No matter the layers of tint, it doesn’t ever come off harsh whatsoever. This product has a light waxy texture and doesn't look unnatural at all. I am obsessed!!! I love the result. It lasts throughout the day and doesn't fade or slip off or transfer throughout my 9 hour work days (Brownie points for longevity). 

It is a pencil that has to be sharpened but you don’t lose much product with it as long as you use a great sharpener, especially since its not that easy to sharpen because of the hard plastic of the pencil (I use Urban Decay’s Grindhouse). Also, If I could change just one tiny little flaw about this product is that the spooley on the end is so damn rough. I repeat… ROUGH! I tried and tried and I can’t deal with it so I had to use my Real Techniques Brow Groomer. The spooley seriously feels like tough boar bristles. Being that these 2 tiny cons exist, I'd have to knock off a single star from an otherwise perfect score. 

The price point is pretty decent at 18 USD and sold at some Urban Outfitters stores, Sephora and I wouldn't exactly use this for mimicking teeny tiny hair strands like the Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Brow Wiz, but I think this is an ideal product for those of us with full, feathery brows and want natural looking definition or desire them and want to achieve a bolder brow. Also, this brand is crap-chemical free (yucky parabens) and made with the best of the best ingredients as well as being eco friendly (Yay!) So I highly recommend you give this little gem a try.