Valentine's Day Make-Up Idea's 2017 <3

Written by Pepper.B 

Who's ready for your best or worst day depending on your dating status. I've decided to put together a "Valentine's Day Look Guide"

When generating this guide I decided to do this based off of your relationship status and the reason why I decided to do it in this format is because with Valentine's Day we don't all go to the same place we don't always do the same things. One thing is for sure we all do share some similarities and uncertainties when deciding whether or not to wear little or too much make up. From first date's to figuring out if we're trying a new way to spice things up because we've been dating our babe along time. I don't suggest buying all new makeup just to complete one look so I've taken key items you can mix in with what you have in order to AMP! UP! your look. Enjoy!!!


"First Date on Valentine's: 

Clean Skin Bold Lip


First date make-up should be super clean. Honestly don't let men lie to you they can be intimidated by to much make-up. Clean skin nice eyeliner, mascara and bolder lip so it doesn't look like your undone and just rolled out of bed but also doesn't look like your about to walk a run way and you are approachable. 

Key Products: Kat Von D Liquid Lip Wicked , Nars Velvet Matte, Urban Decay Perversion Ink Pen.

"Single Ladies"

Gold Bold or Go Home


Lets face it if you are single on Valentine's Day this probably shouldn't be the time you go looking for cupid. You'll attract a guy who is either super desperate for spends the entire night badgering you about being single on Valentine's Day. So on this day you go BOLD break the rules and impress yourself.  Have an outing with friend and enjoy every moment of it.

Key Products: ABH Modern Renaissance Eye, Colour Pop Chai LatteBorn This way concealer  


Look3 .png

" He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not"

Warm Brown Matte Smokey, Soft Lip


Love me, Love Me Not this is for the girl who still in limbo with the guy she really wants to make serious. So your mission is probably to make him eat his heart out every time he see's you, I know I was once there.  So a matte brown sultry eye with nude gloss. Gloss always gives me the illusion of being effortless, you want to look like you woke up like this not spent all day doing this!

Key Products: Urban Decay Naked Basics, Nars Belize Gloss, Moondust and Becca Illuminating Liquid to give you a little glow

"Love Lock Down"

What's for Dessert? *Wink*


Prior to Valentine's day and when I say prior I mean earlier that day.  Your significant other has probably seen you with one of the above, sweatpants, head-tie or face mask. Not really the lasting impression you want to leave for V-day. Sultry eyes and smoky's have been around always and never get's old. Its sexy and chic but also draws people to the eyes. When I wear smokey eyes I feel like a BADASS.  This is your opportunity to turn it up a notch 

Key Products: Kat Smokey eye palette, Make-up forever sculpt and contour Marc Jacob Velvet Noir mascara.