Ethereal Goddess vs. GhostFace Killa

Written by Twist.It.Tea


Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow

Sephora for $54

1 oz.


This is a story about being in love and then falling out of love.  It happened because of one photograph.  But before I get to the traumatic parts I want to tell you why this product was at first the love of my life.  I was absolutely enamored by the Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow when I first tested it out.  First, the packaging was gorgeous and gave me warm, Spring vibes.  The soft pink was aptly chosen for the airless squeezable tube (with pump) in lieu of the advertised name, ‘Baby Glow’ – which had me a little skeptical at first, I won’t lie. It’s a glamorous BB cream, a low maintenance version of foundation, which is right up my alley.  I was so eager to try this out on my face after testing it on my hand and noticing how beautiful it looked. It blended and left a gorgeous illumination without the glitter as one might expect from a product that advertises themselves as a ‘Glow’. It felt like pure luxury on my face; from Guerlain’s signature violet scent, to the silky smooth application of the formula – I thought I found “The One”.  It felt like pure opulence to put this on my face, which made me feel so good.  The formula was hydrating and gave me a nice finish, covering most imperfections and smoothing out my skin.  This formula is a one and done – a moisturizer, primer and tinted moisturizer.  Personally, I continued to do my normal routine because I trust my Too Faced Primer to really hold my makeup all day without separation.  I loved how lightweight the formula is while leaving a matte look to my skin.  Well … my love soon turned to dismay when I realized how greasy my face turned by midday. I was under the impression this BB cream was giving me a GLOW not a grease bucket vibe. Like I mentioned before, when I first applied it, the illumination was so flattering and multidimensional that it hid my flaws.  But after a few days of trying different ways to wear, I had  that moment of realization when you’re dating someone new and they do something minor to make you reconsider EVERYTHING.  I didn’t want to give up so easily on Guerlain, I knew we had a future together and I was willing to make some adjustments to my routine so I could get the most out of this product.  Not to mention – it’s legit an arm and a leg, so I definitely wasn’t putting this baby back on the shelf any time soon.

After the whole ‘dewy/greasy’  thing I was being very cautious of relying on this for all day coverage, it was separating and was making weird lines in my face that I had to constantly buff out.  We were on 'ok' terms at this point when I decided to wear it out one night to my best friend’s birthday party.  Let's just say we broke up within 2 hours of going out together. I was mortified.  Guerlain Météorites Baby Glow embarrassed the F*** out of me!  Turned me into a ghostly GHOUL with every photo I took. The photos I took during this celebration were epic but my face was bright white.  I wanted to legit wash my face in the middle of this party I was so pissed.  I would rather walk around with a naked face than look like a mime. 


 I really thought I had been walking around the city looking absolutely insane and ghostly the last few weeks. That was the last straw with this fella.  The SPH in the formula is way too white for my skin tone and the back flash will always be very prominent regardless of what kind of finishing powder I’m using.  I wanted to love you, Guerlain, but I can’t afford this love/hate relationship! I also would rather spend my coins on companies who don’t test on animals….realllllly not cool.  Like men, there are way too many BB creams in the sea to be stuck trying to make it work with one who just continally shows their true colors.