Soft, Kissable & Broke


Writen By Kayla M

Once upon a time there lived a girl who believed the best product she could use on her lips was Dr. Pepper scented Lip Smacker and the cheap fruity flavored roller lip gloss from my nearest beauty supply store. I was that young naïve girl, who has now had a serious lip glow up.

Anytime I went through Sephora I was always intrigued by the brand Fresh and soon became a lover of their masks but could never justify the price of their lip products. I finally took the leap and landed lip first in their Sugar Lip Polish and Sugar Lip Treatment. After 1 use of the lip polish I felt a dramatic difference, my lips felt completely different and immediately led me to question how I lived without it. The all natural ingredients hydrated and exfoliated my lips better than any other scrub.

I know what you’re thinking… Is it necessary to “exfoliate” my lips? In short yes. Exfoliating your lips helps remove any dead skin and reveal the soft, smooth, kissable skin. It is also works miracles for anyone who wears a lot of liquid lipstick, this product will repair and prepare your lips. Additionally, the lip scrub will last you awhile since a little goes along way. However, like most brands Fresh recommends that you use their Sugar Lip Treatment after the lip scrub.

I loved the lip scrub but wasn’t very fond of the lip treatment, I appreciate the SPF and the creaminess of the product but that is about it. The lip treatment didn’t impress me and I do not agree with the price ($24), overall the treatment is decent but I won’t be repurchasing it.

Lip Scrub 5 out of 5 Lip Treatment 3 out of 5.