Time to Take These Beauties Off The Bench: The Starting Line Up for Fall 2017


Black Up Matte Jumbo Lip Pencil in 21M ($22 from Sephora)- Not only am I LOVING this shade of an orangey nude matte, but I’m about to buy the entire line, tthe formula is that good.  The matte lip liner that dubs as a lipstick is my new go to. It’s easy to apply and my lips stay pigmented throughout the day.  Huge plus that it doesn’t dry out my lips all crazy.


Smith’s Menthol and Eucalyptus Balm ($6 from Sephora)- I have been using Smith’s lip balm for years.  I love everything about this little baby. A little goes a long way because of the jelly-like formula but I love the versatility of being able to wear it under lip sticks or stains when my lips are dry in need some moisture. Once the temperate starts to drop my lips are the first to get feel the weather so I keep one of these in my bag at all times because it really does the trick.  The minty freshness of the menthol is a nice touch too ;)


Makeup Forever Liquid Matte in Rosewood in 105 ($22 from Sephora): If Makeup Forever were to ever discontinue this shade I would have very, very, strong opinions about it, and also nightmares, because I genuinely love it so much.  Seriously, it is a beautiful mauve and the liquid matte lipstick formula is a solid 10/10, even when it’s been through 2 matcha lattes, an avocado toast and a spliff, my lips are still pulling through with the pigmentation all while maintaining comfort.  Shout out to the avocado oil and glycerin, and that’s what’s in the formula – not my lunch.


Black Up Lipstick in 28 ($23 from Sephora)- As much as I love a good matte … Black Up steals my heart with their Satin Finish Lipstick.  I feel so badass in this lipstick, I’m not going to lie. Pictured is shade 28 in Deep Magenta, but not only is it a killer purple but it has a beautiful sparkle to it.  It has the perfect balance of dark and mysterious but also fun and playful…it’s great for all day wear depending on your mood. This + my Milk Supernova Highlighter = perfection


Smashbox Legendary Lipstick in Inspiration ($21 from Smashbox) – I know this shade kind of looks like the odd one out but let me tell you how beautiful this lipstick is with the Black Up Lipstick in 28 + smashbox Insta-Matte over top … wow. A whole new feel to this too-bright-for-me lipstick.  Worn alone, bright fuchsia pink isn’t normally my style, but mix in a complementary color to give it some definition and I’m all game to experiment.  I’ll end up layering on lipsticks through out the night/day but this is a great base color for my ‘brighter’ fall days.