Ouai Haircare Hair Oil Review

By: Amanda V.

My natural hair is very frizzy, curly, and slightly unruly. Although my natural hair is a big fro, it is fine and because of this I don’t like to weigh it down with multiple products. I like to keep my haircare routine as simple as possible. Shampoo, conditioner or sometimes a co wash, a hair mask or deep conditioner and then heat protectant (if using heat) and hair oil because my hair is pretty dehydrated. Most hair oils are way too thick for my hair and the build up becomes too much that I have to wash my hair way more than I'd like to, which is stripping my hair of it’s natural oils. Early this summer I came across Ouai Hair Oil from Sephora.
The creator of the brand, Jen Atkin is known as the Queen of the celebrity hair world with clients like Jessica Alba, The Kardashian Clan Chrissy Teigen. Who doesn't envy their gorgeous, healthy mane? Each person from her clientele has stunning hair so I took a chance and grabbed it knowing that if I was unhappy with it I can always take it back. Since it was so hot and humid this summer, I abandoned my blowouts and mostly wore my hair natural and curly with very minimal product. This hair oil became a staple in my routine. It is so lightweight and nourishing that my hair never looked frizzy and parched and my curls never weighed down. They still had a bounce. After realizing how much I loved the way this product worked with my natural texture, I decided to try this oil with a blowout. WOW. My hair looks healthy and silky without looking stiff and extremely oily. It doubles as a heat protectant so I don't have to really use all the heat protecting balms and sprays. It is that perfect all in one product. It's great for taming frizz and flyaway as well as that finishing drop for a post blowout shine. This oil also protects my freshly darkened locks from fading and becoming dull. The scent of this product is what makes it feel so luxurious. It has a chic, fresh floral scent that isn’t too overpowering.

For 26 US dollars you get 1.7oz of product which is pretty decent considering it will last you 3 months if used frequently. That's how long it lasted me and I just finished a bottle. This oil works for everyone but especially Those of us with more fine stands. Check this oil out ASAP! It really is incredibly lightweight and the perfect multitasking hair product. I personally cannot wait to try out a few more hair products from the OUAI line. You can say I'm OUAI too addicted now.

Fun Tip: I mix this oil with my leave in/deep conditioners and masks. I feel like it makes a difference.