Kiss New York Professionals - Dead Sexy Lashes,Volume and Define Review

                                                              No mascara                          Volume and Define applied together


Mix a mascara cocktail with this dual ended Kiss New York Professionals- Dead Sexy Lashes: Volume and Define Mascara. The volumizing end of the mascara has a chubby wand with thick, soft bristles that will add tons of volume to your lashes. My lashes looked thicker and fuller! The defining side has a thin, short wand, with bristles to match, that add length and definition to your lashes. While the formula for this mascara isn’t waterproof, it does hold up nicely throughout the day without flaking or smudging. The defining side works so well for my lower lashes. I usually don’t even bother putting mascara on the lower lash line but this mascara makes them look so long and separated that I fell in love with it.  


What I like about this product, and love about makeup in general, is that you get to experiment with it. Have you ever tried a product, liked it, but felt like it just needed something else? You can mix and match products to get the effect, color, and finish that you want. I love mixing a glowy bronzer with a rosy blush, I seldom wear just one lipstick, and you can bet that I’ve probably layered two different mascaras right now. Kiss New York Professionals- Dead Sexy Lashes: Volume and Define Mascara just took out all of the guess work for me.



If the mascara works so well, why does it only have 3 stars? The packaging is a major fail. Every time I open each end of the mascara, the stoppers pop out. The stoppers are what hold all the liquid in the tube and what helps to take off the excess product from the wand. The first time it happened, there was a mess all over my desk. It wastes so much product each time to wipe off the mascara. The application is made even more difficult by the fact that the wands are super short and the packaging is very chunky. It can be hard to reach all of your lashes. Maybe my mascara was just a dud, but more than half of the formula has had to be cleaned off my desk rather than my lashes. If you love Kiss products, I would suggest giving this one a try because it really does look gorgeous. However, there are similar, equally affordable mascaras on the market that will give you the same effect without the mess.



Product Rating: 3 stars

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