Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser Review

Written By: Amanda .V 

THIS! This gel based cleanser right here is the best darn cleanser of all. I am seriously 3 bottles in. From a brand that caters the the chic minimalist, It’s simple yet powerful. Not many cleansers have the power to remove the toughest, blackest trio of my beloved Marc Jacobs Highlander gel crayon, Magic Marc’er liquid liner and Velvet Noir Mascara  that I even have a slightly difficult time removing with pure coconut oil. This Cleanser when used on dry skin is great makeup remover as well (YAY to no more liner stained white linens). The Milky Jelly Cleanser is very gentle on my eyes (includes cleansing agents used in contact lens solution) as well as my favorite ingredient in any skincare product… ROSEWATER (insert heart eyes emoji here). 

I use this as my day cleanser as well as my night cleanser. (for a deeper cleanse you can even use it with a Clarisonic). Afterwards I find my skin baby smooth, plump and hydrated. Also there’s a sprinkle of magic in this bottle, I don’t know what it is but ever since I started using it, my lashes are healthier and conditioned. This lightweight cleanser is perfect for ALL skin types and free of all crappy chemicals. You can get it online at at a pretty sweet price of $18 for a good 6oz. This is a line that I fully trust and I favor, you can never go wrong with each and every product but this one is a superhero product. Plus, each order comes with adorable stickers that you can even decorate the products with if you want. a little detail thatwill make your inner child so happy. 


Note: When I want to remove tough makeup, I apply a couple of pumps to my eyes and rub gently for about a minute, then I apply a few more pumps to wet skin then cleanse my face, rinse again and pat dry. If you have super waterproof eye makeup on, this paired with coconut oil is grand!