Too Faced: Candlelight Glow Review

This Highlighting Powder Duo is perfect for the makeup wearer who likes to change up their look. Too Faced’s Candlelight Glow gives you options!


White Gold: bright, warm champagne shade with tiny gold glitter

Pink Gold: icy pink shade

Mixed together: warm champagne


Whether you wear each shade on their own or mix them together, you will get a beautiful glow to your complexion. The white gold half of this compact is smooth, buttery and very easy to work with. The pink gold half is icy and feels just as smooth and buttery as well but if you aren’t careful, it can become streaky and chunky. When you mix the shades together, avoid swirling the two shades into each other. The pink with cling to the white gold side and vice versa making it hard to have access to each shade individually. If you aren’t into icy shades, Candle Light Glow is also available in Warm Glow which features a golden shade and a peachy shade. Gently tap your brush into the pan then apply where desired. A highlighter doesn’t only have to go on your cheekbones and the bridge of your nose. You can mix this product into your eye looks or even use it as a lipstick topper. Frosty lipstick is a blast from the past that cosmetic companies are working into their summer and fall lines. Never limit your products to one quadrant of your face because some magazine said that’s what looks good. Makeup is a mindset! Makeup doesn’t make you. You make the makeup.


I would avoid using your fingers to apply this highlight as the formula is super pigmented and will look heavy on the skin -I mean unless you like your highlight to shine like a spotlight, then do you! I would still avoid putting your fingers in the formula as the powder tends to get an oily film on the top layer so just slowly build up your glow with a brush. You can use a spooly to lightly scrape away the surface, but when your makeup costs $30, you’re playing a dangerous game with your bank account. When I apply my highlight, I like to use a light hand and blend the product where I like it. Then I take a step back from the mirror and find a light source (window or lamp) to see how bright my highlight is and if I need to add more. When it catches the light, I whisper “Slay, Bitch,” then get back to finishing my makeup. Don’t play me. I know you do it too.


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