Ruby Kisses HD Color Eyeshadow Palette – Better Naked Review

You can never go wrong with a neutral matte palette. Ruby Kisses released four adorable travel friendly eyeshadow palettes. Each palette features six eyeshadows with a mix of matte and shimmer shades. I have the Better Naked palette. Neutral shades a great way to draw attention to your eyes rather than your makeup. Let’s breakdown each shades! 

Top Row from Left to Right:

·       Bare: Matte Creamy White shade that is great for setting any eye shadow primer or base you choose.                                   

·       Birthday Suit: Satin Beige, great for the inner corner

·       Stripped: Shimmer Gold, not the greatest pigmentation, needs several layers to be noticeable

Bottom Row from Left to Right:

·       Stark Naked: Medium Matte Brown, perfect matte nude for medium dark skin tones. Shades like this are my favorite to pack on the lid and blend up to the crease with a simple wing for an elegant look. This is the best shadow in the palette. Most pigmented and easiest to blend.

·       Exposed: Chocolate Brown with gold shimmers. Has great pigmentation but does not blend well. It is the only warm toned shadow in the palette

·       Unclad: Medium Dark Matte Brown. This cool tone shade needs some more work. The pigmentation just isn’t there and it doesn’t blend well. The shade becomes blotchy and skips.

These eyeshadows absolutely need a sticky base to make them pop because they don’t have the strongest pigmentation. That isn’t always a bad thing! What I like to do with light eyeshadows that aren’t too pigmented is use them to blend out my crease colors or any harsh edges to my eye looks. I don’t usually have sensitive lids so I was surprised when I realized these shadows were making them so itchy. I tried different bases, I washed my brushed but it just came down to the itchiness was a result of the eyeshadow. The packaging of this palette is a metal case that is reminiscent of the famous Too Faced nine eyeshadow palettes. Though, this package fell apart the minute I opened it. While the lid separated from the base, the metal case still locks together. I decided to depot the shadows to move them to an empty magnetic palette and use the metal tin for storage. It will be great to put hair pins and hair ties when I travel.

I recommend this palette to people who are just starting with makeup and want to practice and don’t want to spend a bucket of money. The palette is only 6 bucks so it can be fun to experiment with. However, if you have sensitive eyes, this palette isn’t for you.