Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Review


By: Christine .Q


I've always been in love with Tom Ford, the man. There's something about him that oozes extreme sex appeal and his aesthetic is unmatched. From his clothes to the direction of A Single Man, nothing is ever understated or overstated and everything is deliberate. You know Tom Ford when you see Tom Ford. What I love most about him is he presents a very powerful image of women. Powerful, in charge, sometimes intimidating, and always naturally beautiful. This is the type of woman I strive to be. His line of make up is him right down to the timeless details of the packaging. A beautiful shiny brown shell with gold trimming. But what's in it has change my look and whether it's in my head or not, communicates the woman I am inside out. 

His traceless foundations is my favorite of all time. I've spent hundreds of dollars ($80/bottle) on this foundation and it is worth every penny. It goes on smooth, gives an exceptional glow, and lightweight. It lasts all day and is perfect for summer or winter. It's like my skin but 10x better. I usually top it off with a dusting of La Mer The Powder which surprisingly is a good deal ($65/for a GIANT jar that will last you years) for a luxury brand. The powder is translucent and I've seen it on every skin color out there so it's pretty universal. I'm all about mixing high and low when it comes to make up, but these two are  items are my two can't live out when it comes to my make up routine and would recommend to anyone.