Honest Amish Natural Hand and Body Salve Review

By Christine Q.

I received this Honest Amish Hand and Body Salve in the mail one year for my birthday. When I opened up the package, I surely thought it was sent to the wrong person because I don't know the first thing about Amish products and what the hell is a salve?! My friend actually purchased it for me because I work a lot with my hands and the winter time in the Northeast can be ruthless for a Southern girl like myself. Salves are a semi-solid mix of oils and waxes with no water at all. They're supposed be a sort of ointment that relieve and protect your skin from irritation and dryness. The texture of it is similar to a super soft, buttery, mushy chapstick. I was a bit skeptical because I already hate using lotion because it's greasy. No surprise that the salve was going to be greasy since it's just oil and wax but it works better than any lotion I've ever used. It absorbs into my skin within 10 minutes and I only have to use it every other day as opposed to lotion every day. To use, you scoop out a junk of it or just use your fingers to warm up the salve and then spread it over your body like butter. I give the product a 4.5 but the experience a 3 mostly because I hate lotion  and I hate grease! But a 4.5 because I only have to do it every other day and it leaves my skin extremely soft.