What type of wing liner am I wearing ?

"When in doubt just WING it out"

The one thing I've struggled with in my professional life is being a morning person. Keep in mind I am always up early. Let's just say I am not the most pleasant when I don't have my morning tea. (Not a coffee drinker) Moving along, During my morning commute I am always so fascinated by the women on the go like myself. These women basically turn NJ path train to an at home vanity. It's really amazing to see these women do a full face of make-up during train movement with little to no mistakes. I love to witness the eyeliner piece the most. Surprisingly a lot of the women who look like they could potentially have the same work routine have the same selection in make-up. Clearly I'm always on this Hoboken line.  I am no expert but my eyes are. I have the sickest photographic memory and I think this works out perfect for my field. Below I have put together a list of different style cat eyes named after some of my favorite NYC places and professions. If you happen to find any of my choices relatable to you share this with a friend or meet me on any of my social platforms and say hi!!!. 

The 9 to 5

The classic bar eyeliner. Mostly seen on Women who are on the go who work in a office setting. You prefer and extra minute to snooze on the train vs. doing a full face.

Christopher Street

Very similar to a smudged panda eye this is a lightly smudged black eyeliner. Most likely your profession is in fashion, you could possibly be the manager of a fashion boutique. Fashion is def your forte in some aspect. 

The Barista

This Whinehouse eyeliner is ideal for the for barista. Youre sure to find her at your local coffee shop (this is a networking hub) Barista by day and Acting school or Broadway by night. 

Grand Street 

The cut edge wing liner has the width of a cat eye without the drama of the wing. This liner is a pinch more bold then your classic bar eyeliner. You can catch this cut edge wing in a restaurant she's the general manager. 

The Yoga Instructor

This downward flick wing liner is just enough when not wanting to wear too much. This super black waterproof eyeliner is here for all workouts.

Bryant Park

The soft wing smoky half liner is found at a popular dry bar or private salon. This darling might as well do make-up because her make-up is always stunning however hair is her niche.

The Brow Expert

This dark charcoal cat eye is self employed she owns her own brow and lash salon in the Union Square area of Manhattan.