When I have a special occasion is it better to do an at home service or at a makeup counter?

When I have a special occasion is it better to do an at home service or at a makeup counter?



I know, I know this sounds like simple math. What drove me to write this article was younger sister who is a young professional in the cooperate world she works in the fashion industry. My sister is an Artist but is a make-up beginner.  Deciding what steps to take outside of her normal day-to-day routine. My sister has a flawless routine thats perfect for work. However wondered what would be the best alternatives for her special occasions. There are perks that come along with both environments. I honestly must say I don’t prefer one more then the other. The atmosphere would go according to your personal needs and preference. 


Make-up counter:

The cool thing about getting service at a make-up counter is that if you are press for time this setting allows for you to be in and out in a set time frame. Most make-up counters spend 45 minutes up to an hour for a face. Most cases the make-up you purchase is redeemable in product. So if there is a time were you need replenish anything from your make-up system this would be ideal because you can kill two birds with one stone for one price.


At home makeup service:

The same feeling you get when you do take out. You want what you want but are way too lazy, too far or too busy to get it. One of the perks you have when being serviced at your home is the level of intimacy with the person who will be doing your makeup. Its private you don’t have to worry about interruptions because it not a store setting. If you don’t like running around with no makeup on this is also another option for you. This also leaves room for minor changes if you don’t like the way your make-up looks once you are dressed.