Quitting Your Day Job & Pursuing Your Passion: Interview with Melissa Butler

Melissa Butler, Owner or The Lip Bar

Melissa Butler, Owner or The Lip Bar

What inspired the creation of The Lip Bar? Frustration with my job! Upon graduation, I moved to New York to work on Wall Street. It didn't take me long to realize that I wasn't happy and then I decided to stop complaining  and change my situation. If I would've loved my job, The Lip Bar may not be here. But I was hell bent on getting out of there and never being in a similar situation. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit - the line of a business was a complete shot in the dark. But only in darkness can you see the stars. 

Where are you from? Detroit

Favorite childhood hobby? Ummmmm that's tough. Talking back to my mom, just talking in general. I talked way too much! My mom prob wanted to strangle me. Sorry Mom.

What sparked your interest for beauty? I came from a finance background and was a frequent purchaser of lipsticks. Never a big makeup girl, but I've always loved lipsticks. A while ago, I decided to be better to my body. You get what you give, right? So I began taking more holistic approaches: I stopped eating chicken and turkey (I already didn't eat beef or pork) and I began reading the labels of what I put on and in my body. I was disgusted

at all the chemicals I was digesting. That was the end of my eating and using super toxic products and when it came to lipstick, it was impossible to find products that were fairly natural in their origin. And the natural cosmetic companies were utterly boring. I knew I deserved better and so, I created better and decided to share it with the world. Quality cosmetics can and should be made without the excess crap, and with that idea, my interest in beauty along with The Lip Bar was born. 

Describe your everyday makeup look? I'm very simple when it comes to makeup. I don't get too crazy and it barely looks like I have any on. I normally dab on a little concealer under my eyes. I'm obsessed with eyeliner and mascara, I put on a light bronzer, a blush shade one shade darker than my complexion and of course, I finish with a pop of color on the lips. No shadow, no contouring, no highlighting, no foundation.

What's currently in your makeup bag? An ingot freedom pallet with blush, stila eyeliner (I'm gonna try the liquid one next, I'm such a wimp), MAC concealer, mascara (could be Givenchy Phenom eyes, Benefit They're Real or anything else. I always try mascara) and about 10 Lip Bar lipsticks. You never know what could happen. 

Who is your muse? The Universe

How did you come up with the name for The Lip Bar? It's called The Lip Bar because I thought it was a really good way to make lipsticks fun and to encourage self-expression. Oftentimes, we rely on cocktails to ease and or reinvigorate our moods. And far too often, we allow the media or men to dictate what we look like. Name it The Lip Bar was a stance against the standard of beauty that we adopt. It's my way to give the same courage to women as cocktails give them to pull out that thing that's buried and hidden within- their uniquely beautiful selves. It's the marriage of fun and unapologetic self-expressions. 


"Everyday you work for someone else; you're following their dreams"

What color would you wear to a first date? Interesting question. i don't have a particular color. It's more of a style. Always feminine, bold lip color, but never too sexy. And it's never 100%. I don't want a guy to fall head over heels with my looks and only see that. 

What do you feel is missing from the beauty industry? Individuality. Everyone tries to look like celebrities and I hate it with every fiber in my body.

Name one color from The Lip Bar that best describes your personality? Hot Toddy (a brick shade). It's bold, but mature. Striking but subtle. Sexy but classic. Sassy and spontaneous. It's confident and out to prove nothing to anyone by itself. Wait. We're talking about lipstick. Hahahaha. 

When awesome things happen, I'm genuinely happy but I'm never drawn into them. It's because I'm very ambitious and almost expectant of milestones. The way I see it, the only way is up. That may sound cocky but  I don't mean it as such. Even unforeseen events that disrupt my initial plans are all learning lessons. So when I get amazing news, I thank god and I move forward. Otherwise, one can easily get complacent and complacency is the enemy of progress.

Refinery 29 feature: What???? This is crazy!!!! As I jumped up and down. Being sold on nylon's website: What???? how do they even know we exist? This is the coolest sh*t ever.

Being sold on Urban Outfitters: I got in the shower and prayed. Thank the Universe for another chance in pursuit of my goals. Being featured on The Bethanny Show: I'm going to be on TV???? My mom is going to freak out. I hope TV doesn't pack on an extra 10 pounds. 

One quote you live by? Happiness is a choice.