Beauty by Day, DJ by Night: DJ Miss Milan Interview

A woman in charge and making it happen in New York City is none other than DJ Miss Milan. Not only is she one of the hardest working newer DJs on the scene but her fiery personality and great dance moves is what really captures people's attention. DJ Miss Milan is one of the more unique beauties on the scene and she commands the crowd off skill alone. However, it is hard to not get captivated by her looks.

What time of the day do you feel most beautiful? As soon as I wake up, I always feel so refreshed and ready to take on the world. My face is well rested and so relaxed plus I believe in starting the day off on a positive note feeling like "I woke up like this!"

What's your favorite feature? My favorite feature would have to be my eyes and lips, growing up i didn't like my eyes because I always thought they were so small like I wanted slanted cat eyes. But as i got older and learned how to 'be sexy' through the eyes, now I love them. My lips are just nice and full I love how they look natural or with a nice gloss/lipstick.

Least favorite feature? Can't say I have one because I've taught myself to love everything about me, because that's what makes me a unique individual. The least favorite feature can be the best feature in my opinion.

How do you prepare style and makeup wise for a gig? Well usually for big events I have my personal makeup artist Cleecia come and do my makeup for me, but if not I'll just do it myself. If I'm doing my makeup myself I go for a fresh, clean look. I usually use L'Oreal liquid foundation and powder because I find it to be less heavy on my skin, some wispies eyelashes, bronzer, gloss or a nice matte lipstick and call it a day. My style depends on the event itself so I can dress from really classy where I'm wearing a ballroom gown down to some sneakers and jeans.

Who is your favorite icon? Beyonce, she literally has the whole package, style, beauty, brows. She is everything!

Three songs on your playlist you play while you get ready? Rihanna ft. Drake Work, Young Thug Bestfriend, and Cameo Candy

What accessory can you not be caught dead without? Earrings, I can't stand being out without earrings. I literally bring an extra pair just in case I lose one or a back, anything I just can't be without them.

If you were a lipstick, what color would you be and why? Red because that color always stands out no matter what kind of shade you are which is basically me, I stand out anywhere.

Favorite childhood hobby? Singing and playing basketball

What's your biggest fear? Not living out my dreams and being unhappy.

What's one beauty trend you wish to end now? The colorful lipsticks like blue, green, and yellow. Don't get me wrong it looks good for a photoshoot concept but as everyday wear it breaks my heart to see it.

One trend you wish to bring back? Natural looking eyebrows, I feel like some of the eyebrow tutorials don't like natural enough. Hate the square or overly done eyebrows, natural the better.

What is a life changing moment you've had in your flourishing career? Life changing moment would have to be when I quit my job and said I'm going to do this DJ thing fully. I had no plan B only because I didn't believe in one. I believed in myself to make it. Ever since I did that everything has been happening, just needed to take that risk to see the reward.

Last song you listen to on your iPod? I'm always put on to different artist so recently I've been listening to Lil' Uzi Vert 'Luv is Rage' album, really dope if you're into that kind of music. But I listen to everything.

If you could star in any popular movie, what would it be? I don't have a specific movie but anything with some action and comedy, I definitely would love to star in. 

What quote do you live by? 'Live Life' it's so simple all you have to do is do what makes you happy and enjoy the moment.