GlamGlow Duo Cleanser & Mask Product Review

Written by Deanna .P 



I wrote about a GlamGlow product that I really liked a few months ago so I was excited to receive a couple more products to review from the brand. In case you did not read my previous review here is a refresher on the origins of the brand.  The GlamGlow line was originally created by a couple in California in 2011to be used exclusively for backstage & professional useby Hollywood movie stars.

Glenn & Shannon Dellimore formulated it in their home & gave it out to some of their actor friends to try.  The products worked so well that they received a call from a top luxury brand that wanted to retail the products.  And the rest is, as they say, history!    They now have a full line of products that are sold for all of us to buy.  


GlamGlow Powermud Dualcleanse treatment

1/7 oz / 50gMSRP: $69.00


This treatment is a mud to oil treatment.   It goes on as a mud & when you cleanse it off with water it turns to oil.  This results in soft velvety skin. The directions to use are as follows.  Apply a thin even layer to skin & leave on for5 to 10 minutes allowing it to dry.  To remove, apply water & move your hands in circular motion so the mud turns to a cleansing oil.  Use one or two times per week.  The Powermud is a good product & made my skin feel smooth &  soft after treatment, but it took the full 10 minutes to dry.  I did like the fact that it turned to oil as most mud masks are so hard to get off & they feel abrasive on your skin.  This turned to oil & really worked on making my dry skin look better.


GlamGlow PowerCleanse Daily Dual Cleanser

 5oz/ 150g MSRP $39.00


This is a face cleanser with two separate pumps.  One for mud & one for oil & when combined together they form a dual cleansing foam that gets rid of makeup & dirt build up on your skin making the skin feel fresh clean & purified.  To use pump 3 to 4 pumps of each mud & oil on to hands, add water & vigorously rub together to make a foam.  Massage onto face & then rinse. The more water you add, the foamier it will become.  Make sure to avoid eye area.


The Dual Cleanser was great to use in the shower & is now my daily cleanser.   A couple of quick pumps & I have a facial cleanser that made my skin feel clean & terrific.  This will definitely become part of my beauty routine. Both of these products are without parabens, sulfates, & Phthalates.  Also, they can be used by both men & women.I liked both of these products, but I definitely liked the Dual Cleanser better.  I think the pricing is rather high for these products, but the product line was made for Hollywood stars so the price point makes sense.  I definitely believe these products & this line are worth trying if you have not.



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