Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cleansing Oil Review

Written by Ada H 

Boscia Makeup-Breakup Cleansing Oil Review



I woke up with one fake eyelash hanging on for dear life. I turned my head and saw the missing pair smashed onto the pillowcase. At this angle and with sleepy eyes, it looked like a caterpillar/insect out of a horror flick. Lipstick was smeared down my lips. I sat up from bed and groaned. What the hell happened last night? I was at the club dancing with my gals, having a great time. Suddenly I wake up in bed. (Thank goodness I’m fully clothed! A personal success if you ask me!) I stumbled into the bathroom and turned on the lights. I stared at myself in the mirror. Dear Lord Almighty.

Oh well, time to wash away the remaining evidence of the prior night. I stripped down ready to hop into the shower. I grabbed my bottle of Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil. Don’t let the long name confuse you. It’s like a magic eraser for your face. I can’t think of anything or tried anything that works as great as this. Every time I wash my face with face wash that promises it’ll wash all makeup off, it doesn’t. I take my toner and cotton ball and wipe, and it comes back brown.  This, oh this is the real deal. No water is needed. Dry face, dry fingers. Slap it on and gently rub in circles. Your eyeliner – what eyeliner? Your eyebrows – you don’t have any anymore. Your mascara – zilch. Everything comes off.  My old facewashes would all leave dried up, clumpy mascara which I’ll try and gently rub off with my thumb and index finger, but end up pulling eyelashes out by accident instead. Boscia’s MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil turns everything as it was. Baby smooth, virgin skin. It doesn’t strip your skin away of its natural oils. It gently cleans and removes all impurities.

I wash the remaining remnants off with water and pat my face. There. All as it was before! Like the prior night never happened! I mean I should say, like I remained a good girl and only had 2 drinks and went home by midnight