Becca Backlighting Primer Filter Review

Becca Backlighting Primer Filter Review 

By: Amanda V. 

5 stars


I've actually been a huge fan of Becca for years. Look at their product shoots from a few years back and you'll understand. Their looks we're always luminous and gorgeous with a whimsical setting that had me in awe. 

I will admit I own every single Highlighter they've come out with and a few blushes but let's talk about the Becca Backlighting Primer Filter. This. Is. Hands. Down. The. Best. Primer. I Have. Ever. Come. Across. In a single pump you can see the radiance gleaming in the liquid. This is more of a complexion enhancer type of primer. To be quite honest I can't really tell how long it lasts being that I finalize my makeup application with a setting spray, but this primer does blur minor imperfections like redness and dark spots and brightens my skin as well, giving me life. It provides the perfect smooth canvas to begin your makeup application. I feel like the radiance of this primer shines through sheer to medium foundations to give a beam. (It's pairs as a perfect combo with Nars Sheer Glow, Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer or Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk). I think this primer is more about the effect it adds to your skin and foundation than longevity. The most opalescent sheen can even be considered for even a light, strobing highlighter... giving you the most GAWGEOUS GLOW ALL DAY. I highly recommend to those with DRY skin. If you're more on the oily side I don't think I would grab this unless using it as a strobing highlighter. Shockingly enough it did not cling on to my dry patches but I still recommend you moisturize your skin really well (especially with this cold winter weather coming along) so you can prevent any makeup clinging on to flaky dry patches. 



This primer is a decent $38 for 1oz of glorious product, meaning it'll last you quite a long time since a little hoes a very long way. Some Sephora stores (like the one closest to my home) barely ever has this in stock ordoesn't carry the brand Becca, so the next best option would be would be grabbing it online at Sephora, Ulta or Becca's website. 

Note: For the Holiday season they have this product full size with a few other goodies packages together, look out for that!