Find Out What Make-Up Your Girlfriend Really Wants This Holiday:

Written By Pepper .B



What really drove me to create this post, is that I'm sure I'm not the only psycho who tags my boyfriend on social media post hinting at make-up ideas, since I'm sure he's gotten my hint's down to science I figured I'd make it easier for the guys out there who want to get good gifts without giving all the secrets away! No make-up is not just make-up! Trust me you don't want to buy a gift card because there is no thought behind this process! When you look at this I'm sure the first thing you will say to your self is why is make-up so expensive. I say hey just be thankful you aren't the one buying this all year long. After reviewing serval beauty items here are some items that trending! 

Thank me later 


Huda Beauty Rose Gold Eyeshadow Palette 65.00

 Christian Louboatin Women’s Parfum Collection 95.00


Catch if you can! This item reads as sold out you may have better luck catching this guy in-stores.

ABH Cosmetics's Master Palette By Mario 45.00