Estee Edit Beam Team - Bronze Review

Review written by Danyelle V 

The Estee Edit’s Beam Team: Hydrate + Glow will keep the summer in your skin all year! You will look like you just got back from a week dancing in Brazil, from a week swimming in the clear beaches of Puerto Rico, like Jennifer Lopez gave you the keys to her skincare routine. Glow. You will glow! All it is, really, is a tinted moisturizer and a highlighter. It’s so simple yet so beautiful! The packaging is sleek! The tube holds the moisturizer and the cap holds the cream highlighter. Two steps, and you just look effortless.

The only thing I don’t like about the Fall is that my beautiful summer glow fades week by week so that by the time December 1st arrives, I am grey and ashy. I’m dramatic. I’m still brown, but the warmth to my skin is gone! And you are not gonna find me laid up in a tanning bed, no ma’am. I’m not trying to look like a raisin by the time I’m 30. When my grandmother was in her mid-60s, people thought she was in her mid-40s and if I’m smart, I will also deceive the world to my true age. I know for a fact that it is her skincare that keeps her young. She could go through a bottle of body lotion in a week. I say all of this to tell you that I have found the summer in a beauty product! The Beam team makes your skin look healthy and relaxed! You can use it just as a tinted moisturizer or under your foundation. There isn’t any ‘coverage’ from the Beam Team but you can layer it for added color.


For that ‘woke up like this’ look, I used my fingers to apply a dime sized amount of the moisturizer to my face. Then I used the bronze cream highlight and applied it to my cheek bones. To give myself that ‘I just have amazing skin’ look, I apply a light to medium coverage concealer under my eyes and apply the Beam Team moisturizer and highlight. Then I finish with ‘natural’ brows and maybe a peach cream blush, throw on a lippie and head for the door. You will get compliments on your skin when you use the Beam Team. A few weeks ago, I got my hair done and while coloring my hair, my stylist said, “You have like no makeup on your face right now?” All I had on was the Beam Team, so I told her about it (because I’m not greedy lol. If I find an amazing product, I want everyone to know and use it too. So we can #GlowUpTogether).


In the first image, I just have one layer of the moisturizer on my face. In the second picture, I have two layers on my face, an extra layer on the perimeter of my face where I would use a bronzer and I used the Beam Team cream highlighter. I am not wearing concealer, or anything else (but brow powder). You can see that my skin just looks so healthy and glowy! I loved this product! When I showed my sister the pictures, she said I looked like I had airbrushed skin. Need I say more?! This product is pricey but I honestly think that you need it in your life. Keep summer in your skin and pick up The Estee Edit’s Beam Team.



Available at Sephora; $42

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