Ruby Kisses Cream.Li.Cious Triple Butter Matte Cream

Written By: Danyelle V

Written By: Danyelle V

Cream.Li.Cious Triple Butter Matte Cream by Ruby Kisses is formulated with shea butter, coco butter, and mango butter. It is available in 12 shades, most of which are berries. They have a demi- matte finish and a creamy feeling on the lips. They are really comfortable to wear and very affordable as well. Each tube has a unique arrowhead applicator that has a hole in the middle that helps you have enough product to coat your lips with color without having to dip back into the tube for more. The shape of the applicator helps you create a smooth lip line. The pigmentation isn’t the greatest, though. It took me about 4 layers to have even color. Still, I would avoid layering the product too much because it balled up in the center of my lips and started to look kind of crusty. When I wanted my lips to have a sheer finish, the lip cream was too streaky. The wear time is also about two hours. Then it starts to fade in patches.


When I first saw this product, I instantly thought of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. I wondered how they would compare next to each other. Is this a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Dupe? Nope. While they have similar feeling on the lips, the formulas do not have the same quality. For just a few dollars more, you can have a better product. I gave this three stars because I would wear this product because you can make it work and I love the color, but, I would not recommend this product for purchase.  

Product Rating: 3 Stars

Available at; $2.99

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