The Luxe Eye Makeup Remover That FIZZLED!


CHANEL is one of those luxury beauty brands that make you feel good and looks like a gem on your top shelf. Like most, I get really giddy when it comes to super luxe beauty products. When I opened up this CHANEL GENTLE BI-PHASE EYE MAKEUP REMOVER, I was so stoked. After giving it a few trial runs, I ended up majorly disappointed. Given, It’s not the most glamorous of Chanel products but still, I expected more. 

I really wanted to love it, but it just wouldn’t remove my very stubborn eyeliner and mascara until about 5 cotton pads in… and still, there was a significant amount of product left on my eyes. I rubbed and rubbed and it became frustrating af with each toss of a pad. This may work better for those who wear less eye makeup and who stick to non-waterproof liner and mascara. 

CHANEL 1.jpeg

Even though it became a shit show, what I DID love about this eye makeup remover was that didn’t irritate my skin or eyes one bit, no matter how long I was trying to rub off my permanent marker of an eyeliner. It is a true friend for delicate and sensitive skin.

For the price, I personally do not think is it worth it being that it didn’t get the job done. I’d rather stick to my Bioderma Sensibio which works a tad bit better. I can get two 16 oz pump bottles of Bioderma Sensibio for just under $34, which is the same price of this 3.4 oz bottle of Chanel. Another great eye makeup remover are the RMS ultimate makeup remover wipes which are less than half the price, or even a good old jar of Trader Joe’s Coconut Oil. All 3 of these less luxe choices work better. I’m still going to keep this product as a last resort though, as it looks pretty on my top shelf.