Hello! Everyone I am Pepper. B

Welcome to Meetpepperb.com  I want to start off first by thanking you for visiting the website. Most moving parts of my life include beauty. I am from Downtown Brooklyn, NY. One of the best parts of being in beauty is skincare. People never guess my age. I’ve been in the beauty industry since I was 18 years old, close to 13 years I’ve had the opportunity to be apart of this industry. I was an executive in beauty for a large chunk of my twenties. I developed a lot of my experience through formal training but most importantly experience. Through consistency and hard work I have been granted the access to work in beauty in different aspects. Developing counter teams for companies, Product development for complexion, Working on set for T.V and film, Merchandising and inventory the list goes on. (Find out more ) I created this platform because of my love for beauty and feeling the need to deliver a message about beauty in a unique way.  Writing is a hidden passion of mine but beauty is my talent. Entering the beauty world and working in different environments changed my perspective on the content that is currently available. I created this platform for women who love beauty but often feel intimidated by the current content available. I strive offer variety as well as an authentic friend approach in each article available.  I've blogged for 7 years on a different blogging platform. I've launched 2 beauty publications under my former brand Compinc Beauty. My wide audience is my inspiration, the many readers I have who find my post impactful. I appreciate you for being an inspiration for me. My new readers I welcome you and thank you for subscribing in advance, there will be tons to keep you interested over the months. 


Interview Tab I've created this reading tab because of my interest in great creative individuals. In my line of work I have built so many amazing relationships and I want to give you my perspective on whom you should keep on your radar. These individuals may not be directly in the beauty industry but they have some relation or they are just talented and work hard at their craft, and to me this is beautiful. "Beauty is not an action it's a state of mind."

Informative Tab This reading tab was made to give you details on things you want to know but are way too embarrassed to ask. No worries I have you covered. I think about being 17 years old breaking into the industry and not having a damn clue. Believe it or not people don't want to give you advice if you could potentially be considered a threat. I was lucky enough to have one great teacher and two amazing mentors. In this tab you will also be able to read pointers on elevating your beauty business or trade. Trust me it won't stop there.

B. Scopes  Beauty Scope created by Senior Content Editor Danyelle V. This tab is a labor of love. Each month you can check out detailed advice on what works best for your Zodiac! Don't worry we cover both! Details separately for the sign of the month and goodies for all zodiacs. 

Product Reviews This reading tab was created to stick to my aesthetic and deliver organic product reviews. I only analyze what I naturally believe in. Anticipate seeing at home beauty recipes for skin, hair, and face, DIY's and hauls. I'm guilty, I shop way too much so I love to review products after giving them in depth test runs. This tab isn't limited to women, guys rest assure there will be something here for you as well and if there isn't something that caters to your personal needs. Check out pointers on what to purchase on the special holidays for your Queens.

Thank you for your time. My only request from you in the near future is to subscribe and share this new gem (website) with a friend.




AMANDA V Senior Content Creator 

Red lipstick is my secret super power. It will help me conquer the world one day.I am very passionate about body confidence. It is something I strive for after overcoming many hardships I've had with myself. I am still on this journey and obsessed with getting better and reaching the highest level of clarity, happiness, and peace. Self-love is the most important thing to me right now. I even dabbled in a bit of plus size modeling because you never know who is watching and who you will inspire.I am a glam girl but definitely a tomboy at heart. I can go from lip gloss to wrestling in .23 secondsI've been looking into helping woman diagnosed with cancer feel as beautiful as they truly are. I want it to be part of my everyday life. 'Magic Makeover' is something I would do with my Mother (who I would call my Warrior Queen) who lost her battle 4 years ago. Making her feel beautiful would lighten up her day and I would love to make all of the warrior queens feel that way.Concerts are my vice. Live music is my happiness. I can't count how many shows I attend in a single year. There is nothing like living carefree for a couple of hours and feeling the bass in your heart. 



Danyelle V Senior Content Creator 

One of my life goals is to serve in the Peace Corps. I am constantly moving the furniture in my bedroom and re-organizing my dresser, desk, and closet. The change makes me feel like I'm in a new space and it's a good way to get rid of things I no longer need or are just taking up space.I'm completely obsessed with HGTV. No, for real, obsessed. Fave show is Flea Market Flip! I've actually 'flipped' a dress that I bought on craigslist. I bought a desk too and I plan on flipping it as well.I am 100% about the tiny house movement. I would love to live in one and be able to travel and not be tied down to one specific place. I volunteer with a girls mentorship program that my friend created!



Deanna P Preventative Content Creator  

I sell coffee for a large manufacturer full time, but writing is my passion.I have been married for two year and with my husband for ten. Act and model as a hobby, but I unfortunately cannot sing or dance.I enjoy gambling! My mantra is follow your passion as this will make your dreams become reality!


Kayla M Skincare Content Creator

My favorite color is purple, I'm a Gemini, my dog is named Charli after the character from the show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.  I've been to more places in Europe then I have in the United States. My vitiligo plus a reaction to birth control is what lead me to be so passionate about skincare. I graduated from hunter college. I have 3 tattoos guess where! When I was 12 I dislocated my knee but I've never broken anything!