Women + Beauty On A Budget Part II: Flexible Payment Plans On Makeup

Happy Saturday! Let's dive into this tip for shop smart Saturday!

How many fantasy online shopping carts to you have open? You know what I mean. When you do the online version of window shopping and create your dream cart. The reality, however, is that your funds are tight so your online cart just stays full. Then you get that taunting email from the retailer saying, "Did you forget something?" accompanied by the images of all the products you were salivating over the night before. No one has ever forgotten what was in their cart. We know, we're just trying to be money conscious. And who wants to constantly pay for shipping. 

Did you know you can have all the beauty goods your heart desires without breaking your budget? Beautylish.com is an online retailer that carries brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Sugarpill, and Jouer Cosmetics. When you make a purchase of $99 or more, Beautylish allows to you make the payment in three separate installments with no interest! There really is no gimmick here. Your total is divided by three and you get your products with the first payment! This was earth shattering news to me and I just wanted to share with all the readers of meetpepperb.com. 

I made a sample cart to show you how it works. My cart total was $100.90

The option for three flexible payment plans is added to you payment options. 

Beautylish divided my order into 3 smaller more manageable payments. I would pay $33.64 (plus tax and shipping on the first payment) and receive my products. Then make two more payments. 

This is such an amazing program! It gives people access to have the makeup collection that they have only dream of. 

How are you a smart shopper when it comes to makeup?