"They're Real & They're Spectacular"


Written by @oohkayla

One of the first “high end” mascaras I remember purchasing was Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. Benefit was actually one of the first brands I ever purchased from in Sephora, in truth they really are the brand that led to my obsession. Fast forward to also 10 years later and I have come to the conclusion that They’re Real mascara may be my makeup soulmate.

Dear They’re Real, I am sorry for the years I spend neglecting you, I was young and foolish and trust me it won’t happen again. Will you forgive me? Yours Forever, Kayla M

Like most people I am a real sucker for numbers and statistics, I can tell through the computer screen you are staring at this saying, “What does that mean?” You know when 3 out of 4 dentists recommend a gum? Or when 9 out of 10 vets agree on a cat food? And you go out and buy it just because almost 100% think it is good, that is being a sucker for numbers and statistics. Benefit’s website has them all over their site and after being reunited with my love, I have to agree with them. I apply 1-2 coats to my top lashes using the wiggle through technique. The wiggle through is when you move your brush from side to side as you are moving it up through your lash, I find it gives me the maximum effect and rids me of any small clumps that may have occur not that clumps happen often.

1 out of 1 Kayla’s recommend this to her entire tribe. The brush this mascara has seems pretty standard but it isn’t! Think Harry Potter wand and then add a little spiked ball at end that helps with those really tiny lashes as well as helping to separate overall. I personally have very small, scattered, “are they even there?” lashes and this works wonders. The mascara lengthens, separates and adds volume. But be warned this won’t provide the look of falsies but it will help the makeup lovers out there that need a good staple mascara, who have a hard time finding something that makes the smallest of lashes step into their power and you take home to meet your parents!

If They’re Real Mascara was a person they would be the best man and maid of honor at your wedding, the aunt who always makes the best mac n’ cheese, the little black dress that hugs you in all the right places.