Thoughts on Womanhood on International Women's Day 2018


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Growing up woman is not always princesses + glitter. It is constantly being told you aren’t enough. We are taught to accept blame for things that are out of our control so that they don’t ever have to understand they’re actions. We’ve been taught to look at other women as competition, catty, and bitchy. But that was because they knew of our power. They feared what we were capable of if we stood together.

Keep fighting. Keep growing. 

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I used to hate when people would compare women to flowers and gardens because I saw them as fragile, delicate, and only appropriated for their beauty. I have never seen myself as either and it took me long time to see myself as beautiful. I thought flowers were just beautiful. But it takes a will to survive for a flower to blossom. Even when you rip a petal, the flower does not die. Just like women. We have the courage to survive. And, yes, we are all beautiful. But you’d never know what we went through to keep our heads high.

 Document your experiences. Even if you never tell anyone or if you tell everyone. Our stories are worth writing, sharing, and hearing. If it’s as simple as your Instagram account. Don’t ever let someone shade your selfie game. They’re just mad that they haven’t figured out their own angles yet.

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Learn your history. Learn about the women who fought and died for the lives we can have. Remember that they weren’t given anything. They grabbed it. They took it.

Know that it is now our turn to stand for our future. 

 I think women cherish their childhoods because it is so short. When our bodies begin to change, we are given a different standard of character than men. From then on, we are taught how to move in their world. It’s confusing to still be a child when your body can make one. “Remember yourself as a little girl, she’s counting on you to protect her.” It’s a quote that I always find myself coming back to. It helps me move forward when I feel stuck. 

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Build to your sisters