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Fenty Beauty Global Makeup Artist, Priscilla Ono, Spills The Tea On Her Skin Care!


*opens notepad. creates new shopping list*

Priscilla Ono has been holding our hand since Fenty Beauty launched just a couple of years ago. She calms us down every time we fangirl + makes sure we know how to use every Fenty product to make sure we are getting the most out of each one. But now, she has graced us with a gift of learning how to bathe our skin in luxury.


This week on her Instagram stories, Ono showed us her night time skin care routine!

She expressed concerns for her dry skin and dark circles. She’s been very busy these last few months and said she hasn’t gotten much sleep. She feel like it shows. She still so cute, though! Of course she’s tired! She just launched her fashion collab with Eloquii!

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Fenty just announced their summer collection! Vibrant + neon lippies and liquid eyeliners!

We know there is so much more to come from Priscilla herself. She’s an artist on the rise!

Time to dive into the routine!!


The Cleansing Foam

Need to know: $95
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The Rice Polish Foaming Enzyme Powder

Need to know: $65
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La Mer
The Treatment Lotion

Need to know: $150
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HyDration Cream

First Aid Beauty
Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration

Need to know: $32
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Beauty Oil

La Mer
The Renewal Oil

Need to know: $245
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Sunday Riley
Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment

Need to know: $158
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La Mer
The Eye Concentrate

Need to Know: $215
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Lip Sleeping Mask

Need to know: $20
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Final Touch

Beauty Elixir

Need to know: $49
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I’m ready to have Luxe Skin! are you?


SFX in a bottle! Find out How!

Written By Kayla M @oohkayla


The bottle read “Perfect Canvas Skin Finishing Serum”, I thought it was going to be a world wind affair with this new product. I WAS WRONG. According to their site, REN is “a smarter skincare which delivers high performance visible results.” The serum is my first REN product and I was excited to try a primer that would “smooth, lift and reduce pore size, dryness and redness.”


Excitement doesn’t begin to express the feeling I had when I first saw this product. The packaging was simple but for some reason I felt it holding the secret to all the universe. The only secret this product held is how to look like an extra from The Walking Dead. I have dry skin and this product accentuated my every dry spot I had, it then made my makeup cakey and hard to blend and to top it off it made my eye shadow crease and somehow disappear into the unknown. The first time I applied the serum I thought my face felt soft and smooth and was eager to apply my face afterwards. Initially I thought it was the bitter NY winter that caused the creasing and cakey-ness but the more I used it the more I noticed my face was literally falling apart.  I was devastated and decided to go to the review section of Sephora to see if I was crazy or not. On the Sephora website I realized the product had almost 5 stars however the con list was a long one for dry skin people. The reviews were amazing for anyone who had oily or even combination skin, which leads me to believe there is hope for this product. Based on the reviews I read I would recommend this serum to anyone with oily skin but advise someone with dry skin to only use this product during Halloween as part of your SFX makeup kit aka the only time zombie realness is applauded.