My Ride or Die Beauty Products of 2017!

By: @acevallee

Hey guys, it's your friendly neighborhood glow queen! Happy 2018! Better late than never, I'm posting my top standout products from last year that is sure to remain in heavy rotation this year. Come to the celebration that is obviously on my Top Shelf as you can see. Some brands are repetitive but I honestly can't apologize for it because it is truly the products that got me through the past year and I refuse to eliminate them because of repetition. There are some dry skin warriors on this list so make sure to take notes if you're a fellow parched gal. Also theres a product that I forgot to take a photo of because it has been lost for 3 days but I MUST mention it. OLEHENRIKSEN BANANA BRIGHT EYE CREAM. LIFE CHANGER!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not even going to talk about it, just go run out and get it... NOW. It's my top recommendation. Thank me later. 


FOREO LUNA PLAY has been a crucial addition to my skincare routine. It helped me deep cleanse in the most gentle way possible. Unlike a Clarisonic this gentle silicone, vibrating tool doesn't need carry and bacterial residue which is a plus for those like me who fear germs. The battery on the brand's tiniest cleansing device does run out but it did reassure me to upgrading to the Luna Mini 2 which can be recharged. 


SUNDAY RILEY JUNO face oil has been my ace this season. I double dose before bed after cleansing and before my moisturizer. I put enough to make me look like a greasy strip of bacon. My parched skin needs all of this goodness to drink up during the hours that I'm asleep. 


FLOSS GLOSS nail polishes are hands down the best. "Disco Dust", a nude-ish rose gold holo compliments my skintone perfectly and I'm sure my manicurist is tired of me using the same polish. The shade "Lipliner" is basically MAC's classic lipliner "Whirl" for your nails... enough said. Universally flattering, The go-to for my pedicure. 


Of course I had to include FENTY BEAUTY on my list. That KILLAWATT HIGHLIGHTER in "TROPHY WIFE" is bold as F*CK and it is the standout product of the brand's entirety. The effect is like shattered purely gold glass and can be used as an eyeshadow as well. The richest glow of all time. GLOSS BOMB is also one of the best glosses on the market and is truly universally flattering on each and every single skin tone. When in Doubt with what lip to wear, pairing with a smokey or neutral lid, Gloss Bomb will come in clutch.  


BUNNY MOON JELLY MASK Move over Oatafix, This is now LUSH's most hydrating face mask that I have ever used. It is such a treat, perfect for boosting hydration in this harsh NYC winter weather. With calming ingredients like rose and chamomile to sooth and honey to generously moisturize dry, sensitive skin, this newbie is a winner! 


In 2017 I turned 30 and started using sunscreen on a daily basis. GLOSSIER INVISIBLE SHIELD doesn't irritate my skin or make me breakout like just about every other sunscreen on the planet, and it's more like a serum and its super light and soaks in seamlessly. Also works well under makeup which is a plus. (Glossier, please make a waterproof version). This was my got to protection after using exfoliants and products like Drunk Elephant's Babyfacial to protect my freshly renewed skin from the sun. 


COLOURPOP was one of my top 3 brands this year. Most of my money went to ordering highlighters and also Face Products. I was addicted to their SUPER SHOCK CHEEK HIGHLIGHTER "Flexitarian" which became my signature glow a while back (here's my past review on this formula)  as well as "Off Tropic:" which is the warmer version of my signature. Their Powder Bronzers and Blushes were also some of my most used products as they go on silkily with no skipping or patchiness. BTW, Not one product in this photo cost more than $8!!


This is the greatest product from Glossier since Haloscope. GLOSSIER CLOUD PAINTS are a great multi-use product for eyes, cheeks and lips. I was using this for a majority of the year mixed with highlighter to get a pretty glow. (which is now called "draping"). They're insanely pigmented so very little goes an extremely long way. The shade "Dusk" is my favorite. 


Drunk Elephant's T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial is worth every ounce of hype it is given. After using it once a week for a month, I've noticed a difference in texture and clarity of my skin, leaving it renewed, radiant and subtle after each use as if I went and got an actual professional facial done. 


HERBIVORE COCO ROSE has become a staple in my bedtime shower routine! It makes my skin baby soft and heavily moisturized with a pretty sheen. The scent is subtle and divine! This is like my 4th jar because I'm truly obsessed. This Dry Skin's Bff. I actually have a review on this here


My top 3 brow products that are in heavy rotation are GLOSSIER BOY BROW in clear for everyday grooming. COLOURPOP BROW BOSS pencil in light brown to define. CHARLOTTE TILBURY LEGENDARY BROWS in Supermodel because of its tiniest most precise brush that applies the perfect amount of pigment to tint your brows and make them feathery.


You will always find a GLOSSIER BALM DOTCOM somewhere around my room, bag or coat/jacket. I have every single flavor but the standout this year was the BIRTHDAY BALM DOTCOM. The pretty glittery sheen is an adult version of the Vanilla Frosting  Lip Smackers that I was obsessed with as a kid. Thanks to the brand's collab with MILK BAR and you can actually use this as a fun glossy, glittery highlighter. I always say these are great multi use products. from lips to cheeks to cuticles.


EXFOLIKATE GLOW MOISTURIZER has been my go-to moisturizer all season to give my skin the hydration and radiance it needs, especially since I mostly skip makeup for work. it gives me a healthy glow and mimics a good night's sleep. 


GLOSSIER YOU fragrance has become my signature scent of the season, which is odd because I prefer more masculine scents. This warm, comfortable, crisp, peppery concoction captivated me each and every time I wore it. It sinks into my skin to give me a scent that adapts and belongs solely to me. It doesn't smell the same on me than it does on anyone else. I am the base note! It amplifies my natural scent in the best way possible. it lingers on my clothing as well which I love. 


My palette of the year is COLOURPOP YES PLEASE! As you can see, this beloved palette was my ride or die for a pretty, neutral warm lid with that beautiful pop of yellow that I entered my 30s with. YES, I said yellow! This palette helped me be a little less boring with my eye looks. For $16, you can't go wrong. 


Another COLOURPOP obsession came late this year with their LUSTER DUST LOOSE HIGHLIGHTERS. The effect they give alone or on top of their Super Shock Highlighters is to die for!!!

How I Hydrate and Accelerate Problem Areas On My Skin During Harsh Winter Months

Written by @Twist.It.Tea

glossier mega greens galaxy pack.JPG

Thanks to the severe change in weather these last few weeks, and much love to the bomb cyclone this past weekend, my face has really needed all the attention it can get.  In the beginning of the winter season, I was washing my face with BAD SKIN Milk Bomb Eraser and then following up with a hydrating face mask.  But since my face has needed an extra boost of hydration these last few weeks, post face wash I follow up with this amazing little piece of luxury by Eau Thermale Avène, aka my secret weapon.  I use their  Thermal Spring Water Spray  to soothe my skin after a cleanse when my face is feeling very tight.  Not only is it soothing my skin, it eases the redness, irritation and whatever else it feels like doing that evening.  This is my go to when my skin needs some TLC ASAP!  At first I was like, “Ummm, do I really need a face water spray for $18.50??”, and the answer was – yes, yes I do.  This magic water has a low mineral content meaning it doesn’t dry out the skin, which is perfect for these winter months when all my skin needs is some surge of moisture especially before bed when I know my heater will kick on and ruin my skin’s life.  It also has a neutral pH of 7.5 which helps with restoring balance and reducing sensitivity.  I’ve been taking notice of painful little dry spots on my cheek bones and this spray really helped with the burning and inflammation I was experiencing.  Also, side note, before you call me crazy, Avène has been in the skin care game for over 270 YEARS, so I’m going to go ahead and personally decide they know what they’re talkin’ about. I know women who have travelled to NYC to pick this product up when they’ve run out (luckily Amazon has your back if you don’t feel like being extra). 


I wish I could control my skin 24/7, but instead I have been finding new and interesting ways to relieve my skin when problems do pop up. Which leads me to my favorite winter time clay mask from Glossier, the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack.  This lovely piece of skin care is described as a juice cleanse for your face.  This cleansing clay mask is jammed packed with all this natural stuff (that I didn’t even know you could put in a clay mask) that particularly helps protect my skin from the nasty NYC pollutants.  The formula is a rich and creamy form of kaolin clay, with various extracts like parsley, spinach, and cress sprout extract. There is also a nice orange peel exfoliant that helps with oil balance, which is good for my combo skin. I noticed in a lot of other reviews that it’s recommended to test this out on a small patch of skin before hand because of a sensitivity issue.  I enjoy the bits of orange peel, it’s not rough at all, but it gives you a nice, clean feeling after rinsing off your face.  For me, this mask has been nothing but positive experiences.  Because you need a moist face to apply this mask, the thermal spray is the perfect face prep.  My only issue with this formula is that I personally need to use more than the recommended dosage of a thin layer.  I prefer a nice thick, green coating, so I know it’s working.  It does give me a little bit of a burning/tingling sensation when I first apply it, but it doesn’t bother me at all and eventually subsides after a few minutes.  I’ve heard of people using this mask as an over night spot treatment, but I usually just lather my whole face and let it sit for 20-30 minutes depending on my mood. If you’re familiar with clay masks you are prepared for the tightness while the clay dries on your face.  By the end of this mask I’m hoping my skin has been thoroughly detoxified with the cleanest of pores and the softest of skin.  Although my skin does feel tight, after using this mask three times a week for the last two weeks I have been able to rely on it to keep my skin hydrated during the winter.  The conditioning element after I rinse off my face is huge for me because I don’t want to take a clay mask off and feel like my skin needs to be shocked back to life. I do need a cooling property after I remove the mask and I immediately tone with my Lush Breath of Fresh Air Toner, which has aloe Vera, rose and sea water *heart eyes*.  The final step of achieving the glow up from dull, tired and dehydrated skin is ….

drunk elephant lala retro whipped cream.jpg

I need a trusted moisturizer.   So I am either reaching for Dr. Jart’s Tiger Grass, or my new friend – Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream.  First of all, before I move into the formula, I love love love this little container.  It keeps the formula sanitary as opposed to dipping your fingers in a jar, and it’s fun to use.  I wouldn’t take it traveling with me that is the only downside.  But the lid does come off so maybe I can repackage it because I do love to use it AM and PM.  I love when I can find a deep moisturizer that keeps my skin balanced and is versatile enough to be used day and night.  There's no real reason for this besides that fact that I'm cheap, and also running out of room on the surfaces in my room to hold all of my different creams.  But seriously after two weeks of using this moisturizer I’ve noticed a difference in my skin. Thanks to the plantain extract my skin is brighter, and firmer. And also sodium hyaluronate crosspolymer for effortlessly soaking into my pores to release long-lasting hydration.  It contains 6 rare African oils that do everything from nourishing, brightening, soothing and combating against environmental aggressors.  This facial cream is whipped into silky, goodness that feels luxurious on your skin.  I just want to keep applying it over and over again, but the best thing about this product is a little goes a long way. This formula is the perfect balance between powerful and breathable which is what I look for in a moisturizer during this harsh winter season.  This skin routine is heavily geared towards hydration, brightening, factoring in environmental issues and repairing of the skin which is desperately what my skin needs to survive these next few months in NYC.

This Powder Leaves You Poreless Without Dimming Your Glow

By: Amanda V.


Me being me, how could I not review Glossier's newest sensation. As a gal with dry combo skin, I avoid setting powders. I honestly think I had one my entire 29 years of living and that was early last year when I purchased Hourglass's Ambient lighting Powder in Dim Light. I personally think that Glossier's WOWDER is a better version of that powder. It will give you this blurred, poreless, glowing effect with a shade that adapts to your tone. Most settings powders will be described as "translucent" but the for someone my complexion and darker, it will look a little too light and not at all invisible. This powder is super lightweight and comfortable and super impossible to over do it and even if you do, it will not cake up, it's that damn sheer. This is a great for the sensitive, parched gals like myself who feel the need to mattify their dew once in a while without losing their glow. It lasts throughout my entire workday, just adding a touch up if going out for post work activities. With that being said, Although for all skin types, I'm not exactly sure how it would work on those that need to really control their oily skin type. 

The packaging is ace. I don't know how exactly they got the packaging to be mess-free but they did it. The powder doesn't release until you tap on the netted area in the center. LOVE!

You can purchase this Gem on Glossier's Website for $22!!! I kid you not, TWENTY TWO DOLLARS!!! THAT IS A STEAL!!! You can purchase the Wowder Duo That comes with the powder and a gorgeous metallic millennial pink Wowder brush for $35! 

You can click the link below for 10% off of your first purchase



You can match this powder to your Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. My Skin Tint is in the shade "Dark" so I purchased Wowder in  Dark Deep. 

You can match this powder to your Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. My Skin Tint is in the shade "Dark" so I purchased Wowder in  Dark Deep. 

Glossier Super Pure Super Serum

By: Amanda V. 

Once a Glossier gal, Always a Glossier Gal. I come to you with yet another exquisite product reviewed. When the cult millennial brand launched its Supers, I of course ran with the hype and grabbed a pack. I did use up all 3, but I didn't expect to really use Super Pure in particular, let alone finish the entire bottle. I get breakouts here and there but nothing major. That is... until about a month ago. I was super stressed out, super menstrual and my nutrition was super poor. All of that affected my skin leading it to also affect my self-esteem. I decided it was time to give this little guy a go. After using my Glossier Milky Jelly cleanser at night I would also use this serum right after. I chose to do it at night because my skin would remain cleansed without the addition of makeup. This way my skin could breathe and absorb the vitamins in this serum. 

This serum did calm down my stress induced and PMS breakouts. The more I used it the smaller the blemish and with less soreness and redness. This worked wonders for my skin and now I know what to use when I breakout again. Yes it works, but it does take some time so you must be patient. It's safe to say I am keeping this serum on my Top Shelf when my new shipment arrives. I think it's great to have during stressful times as well as a girl's most pleasant time of the month (10 points for sarcasm). 

What's great about the Glossier Supers is that you can mix them up or use them separately and it wouldn't throw your skin completely off. They're basically daily vitamins for your skin. 

The packaging is small and cute (.5oz of product to be exact) but the product is powerful. Vintage medical dropper vibes, like an adorably pastel prescription. You don't have to use too much, you get about 4-6 weeks worth of product if you use it everyday. It will last longer if kept to just treat occasional breakouts. This serum contains Zinc to purify the skin of pollutants and also contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) to soothe redness and soreness surrounding the blemish. 

I highly recommend, especially to those who are acne prone, give this a try and see what it can do for you. Separately the Glossier Super Serums cost $28, if you purchase the super pack, the cost $65 plus free shipping (saving you $19! Thats 1900 pennies honey!) If you make your first purchase on, use this link to get 20% off!

Glossier Priming Moisture Rich Review

Written by: @acevalle


I'm just going to go ahead and give this an extra star because it's that damn good. 6 STARS FOR GLOSSIER! I have NOT been wearing much on my face because I wanted to really see how much better my skin could become by sticking to a proper, simple skincare routine for 1 month straight. And I started as soon as I received Glossier's newest product, PRIMING MOISTURIZER RICH, which is basically their Priming Moisturizer on crack and it has been the key skincare product I've been using. 

Usually I go through winters stressed because my skin gets incredibly dry. If it's not the unpredictable NYC weather outside it's the dry heat indoors, it's a lose/lose situation. Many thick moisturizers are quite heavy and leave me looking like a grease pit, kind of like a barrier but without any absorption benefits which lead to my makeup just sliding off... gross. So I would usually skip the moisturizing step (NOT GOOD) because I would rather just be parched and able to apply makeup than be a slick mess. I needed a magical miracle. 

... and then Glossier Priming Moisturizer was created. This magical little unicorn of a product in all of its pale pink glory hydrates even the driest of skins (that's me!). It has a beautiful texture that is thicker and creamier than the original, yet still weightless and glides on while absorbing into your skin leaving it looking youthful, plump and glowing without the greasy look or tacky feel that many expensive luxury moisturizers may leave. The light feel of this deeply moisturizing cream is still as perfect as its original for being a great primer for makeup application. It is also hypoallergenic, paraben and fragrance free as well as dermatologist tested making it gentle enough and appropriate for even the most sensitive skin. The Moisturizer also contains what they call Power Primers that improve the tone and overall texture of your skin as well as key ingredients that post up a barrier to protect your skin against harsh winter weather conditions and boys who are trouble. It is an actual Pink Power Ranger in a jar. 





Most germaphobes like myself are a little iffy when it comes to creams in a jar, but Glossier has assured their cult following that they have found a preservative system that keeps the jarred formula bacteria free! 10 points to GLOSSIER!!! I recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their skin a d especially those who live where the winter weather doesn't love you. I completely trust glossier with my life because they've simplified my routine and have helped my skin improve and their products feel so luxurious that taking care of my skin feels more like a treat than a chore. This 1.7oz of power packed product is luxury with an affordable price tag of $35 plus free shipping (and if you use the code linked below you get 20 percent off of your first Glossier purchase). Deals on Deals honey!! Get to it!! 



20% off link

The Best Beauty Pick's Of 2016

Amanda .png

Happy New Year Beauties!! 

I know that usually when a new year comes along we think “Out with the old, In with the new” but in this case I’m listing products that were way too good to me in 2016 that I refuse to let them go. They have become the new classics for me. 

Yes, I know every blogger and their dog did a “Best of 2016” post (and yes I watched and read just about each every one of them) so I decided to change it up a tad bit and picked the 17 best products that I fell in absolute love with in the past year that I plan on keeping them on the top shelf for the new year. I’m so excited to add to theseloved products in 2017. 


Note: I fell in love with so many products in the past year and it wasn’t easy to narrow the list down to 17 but I GOT IT DONE Honey! *snaps in Z formation* Also there are ALOT of Glossier products here. It's safe to say they were the brand of the year. 

17. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush in “Radiant Magenta” has become my go to blush for the past 6 months. I use it quite often and I have yet to make a dent in it, meaning you get a lot of bang for your buck.



16. Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation: Great Full Coverage for a night out with the girls without looking like cake


15. Elizabeth and James NIRVANA BLACK Dry Shampoo. Leaves your hair with Cool Girl effortless texture and smells absolutely sexy.


14. Kylie Cosmetics: The Burgundy Palette is the perfect warm, neutral palette with superb pigmentation. I love the matte shades especially!! 


13. NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer: The Perfect Dewy, Everyday Base for the minimalist girl on-the-go.


12. Dior Addict Lip Glow: I recently got this and HAVE NOT STOPPED USING IT!! So Damn Good, and very moisturizing!! Makes my lips look lush. 





11. Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Lavender Pure Castile Soap:  I’ve recently made the smart choice of switching to Pure Castile Soap. Best choice I’ve made in a really long time. My skin is improving everyday and this soap makes me feel squeaky clean and baby smooth. This scent is by far my favorite. 

10. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: REVIVES MY HAIR and gives beautiful texture without the gross grit that sometimes Dry Shampoo tends to leave.


9. GLAMGLOW FLASHMUD Brightening Treatment: This has been a godsend. When my skin goes off course I take a three day skin detox by using this mask and getting rid of any impurities and brighting my dull tired skin from intense and long workdays.

8.Glossier: Black Tie Set is THE best set I’ve come across. I am obsessed with the polish in Glossier’s signature Pale Pink and the 3 other products in the set (Graphite Liner, Gloss and Haloscope Highlighter in Moonstone) are always in my makeup back. Great everyday products for a fresh, glowing minimal look. 

7. Ouai Matte Pomade has been the most badass bestie for my layered chop. Also tames my baby hurrs to perfection.  

6. Glossier BOY BROW… YOUTHFUL, FULL, NATURAL in a tube!!!

5. CHANEL Soleil Tan De Chanel: I’m not much of a contour gal, but I do a LITTLE SOMETHING SOMETHING by blending this light cream bronzer across my forehead, towards my temples and in the hollows of my cheeks. PLUS IT LASTS FOREVER!!!!!

4. NATASHA DENONA EVEYSHADOW PALETTE 5 (Shade #4) HANDS DOWN THE BEST FORMULA OF EYESHADOWS I’VE EVER COME ACROSS. The Pigmentation and Shimmer is INTENSE, like no other. They are so creamy for powder shadows and incredibly blendable. Seriously, This can’t be REAL LIFE. THESE SHADOWS ALSO DOUBLE AS A GORGEOUS HIGHLIGHTER!!  I need more!!!



3. Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask: So Moisturizing and has been clutch this Fall/ Winter Season!! It is now a STAPLE in my skincare routine. The smooth sidekick to … #2 on this list.



2. Glossier Mega Greens Galaxy Pack aka The most gentle Vacuum Cleaner for your face. Cannot live without it (Mariah Carey’s Without You” plays in the background) A green juice for your skin. This mask has changed my skin & my life. This Mask is my Batman.



1. Ouai Hair Oil. This Multitask Oil has been the best thing to happen to my hair other than my stylist Sondriel. This super lightweight Multitasking oil has been keeping my hair rebellious healthy and smelling like a F’ing bouquet. I’m on bottle number 4 and cannot recommend this enough. It has been my ace.