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The Galaxy Eye Shadow That Has Us Feeling So Extra -Terrestrial!

Ready for eye shadows that will make you feel out of this world?

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These shadows have a wild amount of depth and dimension.

Intergalactic, Ether, Zodiac (Fave), + Cosmic

Intergalactic, Ether, Zodiac (Fave), + Cosmic

This eyeshadow formula was made for movement! Not a speck of chunky glitter lies within these multi-dimensional eye shadows. A soft base loaded with different shades of sparkle. And the way they reflect light -it's everything Ke$ha used to sing about. Now I got that glitter on my eyes... Looking sick and sexified.

The best way to apply this eye shadow is with your finger. However, you can use a short, dense flat shader brush and get a beautiful look. Apply a small amount and blend it out. Add a second layer and keep it concentrated to where want your eye shadow to pop! The color lasted pretty long on my eyes as well. You must, without question, use a sticky base. There will be a ton of fall out if you don't. 

The color of the base plays a major role in how the shimmers stand out. The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Black Bean + Milk have contrasting effects on the Moondust shadows. Milk (white) gave the shadows a grayish base and really let the sparkles stand out with direct light on it. The black base intensified everything! The base of the shadow became more pronounced. The shimmers were singing! The reddish copper shade is from the Eyedeal Duo from Dose of Colors in Maple. It gave a different tone to the shadows. The Intergalatic shadow (lighter purple) looked like it was on fire. 

Urban Decay also launched some of the Moondust shadow shades in a liquid form. Layering the Liquid Moondust Cream underneath turns the volume of the powder shadow all the way up. 

My favorite way to wear these shadows is layered over an eye pencil such as these 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Mainline (blue) and Goldmine (gold). The formula give the shadows something to cling to and help prevent any fall down. The pinkish base is a Multistick from Bite Beauty in Cashew. The Moondust shadow in Cosmic layered over is just stunning!


Let Urban Decay's Moondust eye shadows abduct you!

Available at Sephora, Ulta, Macy's, and ($21)
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Shade + Light Eye Contour Quad by Kat Von D

Kat Von D brought vibrant color to her Shade + Light collection. She released four vivid quads with well thought out color schemes that require no additional palette to complete a look. They are all straight up #QuadGoals.

If you haven't had the opportunity to test out Kat Von D's eyeshadow formula, picking up any of the Shade + Light Eye Contour Quads is a great place to start. The pigmentation of these shadows is off the charts! 

This purple toned quad is called plum. While the shades in these quads don't have a specific color name, they are labeled to help give the user some guidance. From left to right, you have a base shade, a define shade, a contour shade, and a highlight shade. I appreciate that the base shade is a bit larger that the other pans. If I have to offer a critique, I would say to be cautious when working with the darkest shade in this palette because it can get a little patchy. Work in light layers and always blend before adding more color. This palette has great versatility because you can create a sweet and subtle look or a dark plum vampy look with this mix of eyeshadows.

The green palette is called Sage. My favorite shade in this palette is, surprisingly, not the green shade. It's the base shade. I use this shade all the time, no matter what palette or eye look I'm creating. Because it is so close to my skin tone, this is the perfect blending shade. Used lightly, I apply this shade under my brow bone down to my crease to help blend any shade I put on top of it. It helps to create a fluid gradient of any shadow. If I go a little crazy with a smokey eye, I can use this shadow as an eraser. With a big fluffy brush, I apply the base shade on top of what I want to tone down. The color is so pigmented, the mistake is gone! 

I would say the only downside of these shadows is that there is a TON of kick back so your palette will only be pretty on the day you bought it. But honestly, that doesn't bother me one bit because it is the quality of the shadows that matter most. I also think they could've skipped adding a mirror to this palette and brought down the price a buck or two. Not because the palette is expensive but because the mirror is so small, I don't know who is going to use it. There is some fall out as well but, again, that doesn't bother me. If you tap off the excess product and work in small layers, you won't have any fallout. 

What I love about Kat Von D's products is their vibe. Yes, these products have a vibe! The design of lettering on the palette invites creativity. The shape of the palette reminds you to be unconventional. To embrace your inner artist when applying your makeup with colors that show you that makeup is fun. Always play with your makeup. Kat Von D's entire line reminds us that there aren't any rules to makeup. So stop watching makeup up do's & don'ts videos and let your creativity blossom. 

Your turn! What is your favorite eyeshadow quad?

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Available at Sephora; $22

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