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This No Frizz Hair Care Line is your First Defense Against Humidity

Danyelle Valentin // @bufferingbetty

When your love for big hair turns ironic.

bad frizz.jpg

 With frizzy hair, even the slightest presence of moisture in the air ruins your low slick back ponytail into a swirly mess.



Don’t doubt for a minute that I don’t love every inch of my hair. I can manipulate it into anything. There are certainly cute frizzy hair days.

good frizz.jpg


But THIS is not one of them so these are the days that we need to embrace the power good hair care.

worst frizz.jpg

The first step for managing frizzy hair is identifying why your hair swells 3x it’s actual size in the first place. Frizzy hair means that your hair is on the dryer side; regardless of your hair type. For me, it’s, 1, I was born this way, and 2, using hot tools in my hair. Using heated styling tools to smooth my frizz just creates more of what I’m trying to, not eliminate, but keep well below Hagrid levels. I also shower with hot water. I know it’s bad for my dry skin and hair but I can’t help it!!!!

So, if you were born this way, the first thing you need to do is ACCEPT and EMBRACE your frizzy hair. Almost nothing can correct nature. There are dozens of ways to style your hair where frizz adds an exciting element of beauty. We see it on the runway all the time!

Note: I wouldn’t be mad if my hair looked like that every day. And I do mean that big too!

I also need to accept that I am damaging my hair with heat and products that dry it out -only making it frizzier. What are your habits that effect your hair?

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Frizzy hair be like 0 to GODDAMN in 5 seconds. You’ll think you’re going to have a great natural hair day and POOF. Your hair had other plans but you were already in your car on your way to happy hour and now you have to enlist ‘the bun’ to save you. -Just me?

To keep your hair fierce rather ferocious, prepping your hair starts in the shower. The Living Proof No Frizz shampoo and conditioner left me blown away the first time I used it. It has continued to impress me every time I wash my hair. I’m on my third set!!! Do you remember how nice you’re hair felt before your discovered hot tools and styling products? Or do you feel slightly jealous of your baby cousins’ hairs because they just look so healthy and untainted by the pressures of adulthood? Yeah. that's how good my hair feels and looks with this combo.


Most ‘no frizz’ hair care lines I’ve tried leave my hair weighed down. I. Hate. Flat. Hair. The Living Proof combo is everything. My hair looks and feels so healthy. My wavy hair texture is at peak waviness when I let it air dry -even with no added product. Are you paying attention! NO ADDED PRODUCT! I get compliments on my hair when I use this shampoo and conditioner.

Add it to your cart, your wishlists, your mood boards now! -
Shampoo // Conditioner


On second and third (+ so on) day hair, I use the Living Proof No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream. It brings down the frizz to a socially acceptable level. I keep mini ones with me at all times! One in my purse and one chills in the cup-holder of the front seat of my car. It doesn’t act as a smoothing oil which works to eliminate all signs of frizz. Like I said, I love my frizzy hair. I just like to not walk around looking like I haven’t brushed my hair in 3 months. The styling cream gives more definition to my waves without making my hair heavy.

Living Proof   No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

Living Proof
No Frizz Nourishing Styling Cream

This next product is not part of the Living Proof line BUT it is a ‘holy grail’ level product for keeping my hair in shape. The Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre Shampoo Masque -ya need it. Just to keep it simple; you need it. Damage in my hair always shows on the ends. This masque makes my hair look like I just got it cut. It’s boujee salon level excellent that you can do at home. I would just avoid using it directly before styling your hair because it is so rich that your hair will just fall flat.

Bumble and Bumble   Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre Shampoo Masque

Bumble and Bumble
Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Balm-to-Oil Pre Shampoo Masque

Have I told you how I’ve crowned myself as the Sample Queen -because I have. You can be too! Try all of the Living Proof products I wrote about in this travel kit they put together.

Living Proof   No Frizz Smoothing & Frizz Fighting Travel Kit

Living Proof
No Frizz Smoothing & Frizz Fighting Travel Kit

For the days when the frizz factor will not be controlled. always keep some sort shield with you. It could be a hat, headband or scarf. For me it’s at least 4 bobby pins to create a secure bun and a hair tie for when I can’t be bothered. Frizz happens fast. Don’t let them catch you slippin’!


From the moment I emerged into this life, I have had frizzy hair. As a child, my mom saturated my sisters’ and my hair with Infusium leave in conditioner. In middle school, to control the frizz, I coated my hair in Pantene Pro V mousse or any brand gel -I had one that tinted my hair blue and made it as hard as plastic. I’d pull my hair into a high side ponytail with a scrunchie! In high school, I discovered the blow dryer but only used it the night before school to “let the frizz settle overnight” -I still do this sometimes.

I fully embrace my hair! I often try something new: blonde, blue, purple, bob, bangs, braids. and all of the things!

If all else fails, live in your Diana Ross- big hair, don’t care-moments!

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Easy Hairstyles For Spring 2018 Using A Rotating Curling Iron


Hair so cute. Air so Breezy. Vibes so Spring.


Put a little Spring in your hair by adding
bouncy curls to your locks all season long. 

It's time to pack away all of your Winter hats so that your hair can breathe in fresh looks. I'll tell you how I created these four easy Spring hairstyles. Read to the end of this post for a review of the Spinstyle Pro rotating curling iron from Salon Tech. 


Lazy Blow Out

This one is for all my frizzy-haired-beauties trying to thrive in the humid seasons. It's my saving grace for when I haven't spent time prepping my hair. Or, I've spent too much time on my makeup and left myself only 5 minutes for hair. The heat from the curling iron smooths the frizz while giving my hair some shape and body so I don't look like Rubeus Hagrid. After tying my hair into a high ponytail, working from left to right, I grabbed a section of hair to begin curling it. I made sure that the sections weren't too thin because it would have made the curls too defined giving a completely different look. Once all of the section of my ponytail had been curled, I let down my hair and delicately ran the tips of my fingers through my hair to break up the curls. 

Fauw blow out.gif

Video Tutorial Here

As a final touch, I sometimes like to smooth some of the frizziness framing my face. I sprayed a soft touch hairspray on to a comb. Instead of pushing the teeth through my hair, I flipped the comb to face the teeth upward so they would glide down my hair shaft. For some added va-va-volume, you can use dry shampoo or any texture powder to the roots of your hair. 

Essential Tool: Hair Bungee

If you were to use a regular hair tie, you run the risk of ruining the curls you just spent time creating. The hair bungee is better because it just wraps around the base of your ponytail without having to slide down your hair shaft. 

BinaryABC   Ponytail Hooks Holder Bungee Bands

BinaryABC Ponytail Hooks Holder Bungee Bands

Amped Up Waves

To get these mod-70s  frizzy waves, I began by dividing my hair in two. I pinned up the left side and curled the right in rows working from the nape of my neck to my hairline. Each row consisted of 3-4 curls depending on my hair density in each row. For more volume, I alternated the direction of the curls by row. That’s to say that if the row by my neck was curled to the right, that I would then curl the next row going to the left. That was easy with the Spinstyle Pro because it automatically curls in both directions.

Frizzy waves.gif

Video Tutorial Here

To allow the curl to set properly, after curling each individual section, I rolled the curl in on itself by following the curl shape while my hair was still warm.  I pinned each warm, rolled curl to my head then covered my hair with a hefty amount of hair spray and let them set for about 15 minutes, After I removed the pins, I gently brushed through my hair to begin styling it. I also teased the roots and some of the waves for volume.Adding funky pins to each wave dip can be a really cute way to make this look feel more fashionable.

Essential Tool: Soft Touch, Lasting Hold Hair Spray

My hair tends to not hold styling very well. Still, I never use a strong hold hairspray because crunchy hair is gross. For my hair to have that fluffy, wavey look, a light hairspray is best. My hair won’t fall flat under the weight of the spray. Plus, you can still run your fingers through my hair -but *sings* ‘don’t touch my hair.’


Amika   Touchable Hair Spray

Amika Touchable Hair Spray

Top Knot

Yup. They’re still in and aren’t leaving any time soon. I first sectioned off the part of my hair that I wanted in the top knot. I have thin hair on top of my head. So my bun isn’t a little bun-lette or oddly wide, I section off hair starting  from my hairline to a little past my crown. Then I curled my hair with the same alternating pattern as I did with the frizzy waves. To keep most of the bounce towards the ends of my hair, I curled the ends slightly tighter than I did the rest of the hair shaft. To do this, just wrap your hair more tightly around the curling iron on the ends, about 4 times. Then more loosely as you get towards the middle of your hair shaft. It adds body without giving a tight curl. This added wide dimension towards the ends. Exactly what I wanted! This made the whole look more interesting rather than just the knot atop of my head.

Top Knot.gif

Video Tutorial Here

For the top knot itself, once I tied off the ponytail. I sectioned the hair in two, vertically. The right section of my hair was curled to the right. And the left side went left. Rather than just gathering up all the hair into a cute messy bun or a classic sock bun, I wanted the bun to look more styled. I warped the right curl going to the right side beginning behind the base of the ponytail unraveling the curl with each loop around my head without incorporating the left curl at all. After the right curl was pinned in place, I grabbed the left curl and wrapped it going to the left beginning behind the base of the ponytail while unraveling the curl. This created a neat, swirling bun with dimension and volume. 

Essential Tool: Decor

The last touch was my chic diy hair pin. I placed it in a way that it felt like it was peeking out from one of the swirls in the bun. The reflective gold pin was exactly what this look needed. 

ASOS   Pack of 4 Mixed Floral Hair Clips

ASOS Pack of 4 Mixed Floral Hair Clips

Deep Side Part + Curls

Edgy. Girly, Attention getting. Check, check, check; sign me up! The most time consuming look but totally worth it. The key to this look is how you section your hair. I began by giving myself a deep side part. So that the hair behind my part could give volume to my crown, I sectioned off the hair framing my face to curl later and pinned the two section of my part. I began curling my hair behind the part working from the back of my head up to the crown. I sprayed each section of my hair with a soft touch hairspray before I curled it. I sectioned my in small parts and tightly wrapped my hair around the barrel of the curling iron as many times as I could. This would make my curls very tight and thin.


Video Tutorial Here

The smaller section of my part was going to be slicked back above my ear and have cute pins so the curls did not need to be as tight as the rest of them. I curled that hair in the same way that I curled my hair in the top knot: tight on the ends and looser as you went up the shaft. For the hair on the other side of my part, I began by sectioning the hair into much smaller, vertical sections working from my ear to the parting line. This gave me more control of how the curls would frame my face. As the sections got closer to the parting line, the more lax I was with the hair closest to the roots. If the roots of the curls in the center my face on my hairline were as tight as the rest of them, I would have had hair falling in my face all. damn. day. Annoying! 

Goody   Folding Brush & Comb

Goody Folding Brush & Comb

Essential Tool: Teasing and Sectioning Comb

This hair goes from child star, Shirley Temple, curls to, Broad City star, Ilana Wexler, doesn’t go to prom because of the aggressive amounts of teasing. A dual ended brush + comb is your bow and arrow in the Quarter Quell. You don’t want to waste time looking for this or that brush. 

Once all of my hair was curled, I had a snack because I needed to recharge after all of the curling. I'm so glad the Spinstyle Pro does most of the curling for you otherwise this blog post would be ‘1 Easy Spring Hairstyle.’ Then I ran my fingers through all of the tightly wound curls to break them up. I also individually separated some of the curls to make sure there weren’t any super clumpy ones. I wanted VO-L-UME in my hair so I then teased my crown and fluffed all of the curls to max capacity without destroy in the shape. Finally I add some more diy pins to my hair and felt oh-so-divine!


Spinstyle Pro Review

My hair is so frizzy that it could take me 10 minutes to locate a bobby pin I might've used in an attempt to tame the mane. Because of the frizz factor, just the idea of testing a rotating curling iron in my hair gave me heart palpitations. What if it snapped my hair? What if it got stuck? Would I then be forced to get a pixie cut? I don't have the head for hair that short!

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The Real Question is: Am I Bald Now?

The obvious pro to the Spinstyle Pro is the rotating barrel. Just slide your hair through the prongs that guide your hair on to curly, swirly, precious-ness. The fact that it spins in both directions amazes me. The temperature settings are easy to see and the on-off-switch isn’t hidden or placed where you might accidentally turn it off mid-curl.


One con that I immediately noted was that the barrel is kind of short. I felt like I didn’t have enough play space on the barrel to get what I needed.

I don’t believe that the Spinstyle Pro is beginner friendly. I could see, for example, a parent buying this for their child thinking that this could help teach their young one to learn to curl their hair. The kid is going to have curls but the hardest part in learning to do your hair is learning to style your hair. Because of the shape of the barrel and the prongs that guide the hair onto it, what you get with each curl is just a barrel curl. However loose or tight it’s a barrel curl. You can do a million different things with barrel curls but if you’re new to doing your hair, that can be hard to figure out. Barrel curls are also kind of dated so if you don’t know how to manipulated the curls to get what you want, your look might also turn out kind of dated. This may not necessarily be a downside but it will take more practice then I think people will initially realize.


That being said, I still think that the Spinstyle Pro is a nifty hair gadget. If you know your hair and you know how to style it, this rotating curling iron make doing your hair go faster and easier.

Answer: I still have all of my hair. Plus, I'm extra-extra cute.

Nature's Powerful Golden Elixir To Repair Damaged Hair: Ojon Hair Intensive Repair

3 Star.png

I've basically been living in my pool since late May 2017. As you can imagine, as we exit August my hair needs some serious TLC. 

I used the Ojon Hair Intensive Repair Treatment. I hoped it would have been a life wrath for my chlorine soaked hair. When I dipped my finger into the mask, the texture feels like softened butter. I was so surprised by the texture, I thought it would've been stiffer. To apply it, I scooped out some and massaged it between my palms. I was surprised again when the formula melted into an oil. The mask has a strong sweet coffee smell. It's not bad, just potent. It was easy to apply to my hair. The oily consistency allowed the pre-wash treatment to slip through my hair without tugging or dragging. I saturated my hair with the mask and waited 20 minutes before heading to take a shower to get it off. 

One of the first things I noticed after toweling off my hair is that my hair still smelled quite strongly of Ojon Intensive Repair. I thought it would fade after a few hours. It didn't. In fact, I didn't wash my hair again for about a week and the smell stayed in my hair. I would prefer to not walk around smelling like a fresh pot of coffee but that comes down to the individual. After my hair had dried off the day I used this mask, my hair felt softer. I could tell that this is the kind of mask you'll have to use a few times before you get its full results. I really disliked how frizzy my hair was after this mask. *Kendrick Lamar voice* I got frizzy hair is inside my DNA, so I'm used to it. Usually, after I have treated my hair, the frizziness is lessened. That wasn't the case here. I think maybe this mask just wasn't formulated for my hair type or my hair is too damaged that a mask can only do so much. 

For me, the end of the summer always means a hair cut. 

How does your Summer end?

$10 Subscription Unboxing: Ipsy v. Sephora Play

Of all the mail that gets shoved into your mailbox, nothing compares to your subscription service finally getting in! Push past the bills, the junkmail, the wedding invites, and get right to the goods! Today we unbox two $10 beauty subscription services: Ipsy and Play! by Sephora. 


Ipsy is subscription service created by Michelle Phan, the woman who played a major role in how beauty marketing works today. For $10 a month, subscribers of Ipsy receive 4-5 deluxe size sample products that range from lip balms to body scrubs and everywhere in between. The products featured are from brands you'd find at your local drugstore, higher end products, and even indie lines. The products are all packaged in a cute unique pouch that coordinates with a theme of the month. While you cannot explicitly customize what will be featured in your bag, Ipsy does take into account your preferences from information obtained through a quiz taken when you initially subscribe to their service. 

This Gudetama themed bag included 2 skincare type items. The Tarte Rain Forest of the Sea Deep Dive Cleansing Gel and the Caudalie Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet. I appreciate that the skincare was so well balanced. Having a cleanser and moisturizer featured in the same bag shows that the curator really thought of the beauty process in terms of skincare. 

The remaining beauty products featured can give any Ipsy subscriber what they may need to be ready and out the door. Concealer, liner, highlight (brush). In the bag there was a Concealer Crayon from TreStique and a Wonderwand Gel-khol Eyeliner by Ciate London. The Illuminator brush is by Beau Gachis Cosmetics which is a full size brush and valued at $9.95. 

Play! by Sephora

Each Play! by Sephora subscriber receives 5 sample products and a fragrance sample.

This box included care items that serve as protective and restorative treatments from all the fun things of summer. Diving in the pool is fun. What it does to your hair and skin is not. There was a hair mask from Madam C.J. Walker. The Beauty Culture Dream Come True Wonderful Pre-Wash Protein Treatment is great to restore life to your hair throughout the summer. TTThe Peter Thomas Roth Cucumber De-Tox Bouncy Hydrating Gel can be helpful for after-sun care. Finally, the Ren Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream which smells like heaven!

The fragranced featured was Mon by Guerlain. It has a warm smell that is perfect for the "Glamp" theme. The Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm is an easy throw-it-on lip product. The It Cosmetics Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing Mascara makes your lashes very fluttery. However, I thought it was kind of an out of place item. It just really didn't make sense in this bag. I read up on the product on Sephora's product web page. It describes the mascara "like skin care for your lashes."

Who do you think had a better bag? Ipsy or Play! by Sephora?

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Is Caviar in your hair healthy?

s caviar in your hair healthy?  


Caviar for the hair, anyone?


Is caviar as good for the hair as it tastes?

Written by Deanna. P 

ALTERNA Haircare whose tag line is pure proven & professional is known to be the company that is the science of skincare for hair.  They are the pioneers that have many new innovative and free of additives & harsh ingredients products.  Some of these ingredients include caviar, Italian white truffle, and THC free Hemp seed oil.

They were founded in 1997 in California.

I have recently tried  Alterna CAVIAR Anti-Aging® Replenishing Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.Bothcome in 3 sizes 1.35 oz/40 mL sample size for $10.00,  8.5 oz/250 mL $34.00 and 16.5 oz for $52.00 This is a sulfate free shampoo & conditioner that provides instant moisture while protecting hair from fading & future damages. The products containno paraben, sulfates, phthalates and gluten.  Both have also never been tested on animals. 


The ingredients in both shampoo and conditioner include:

-Seasilk®: A blend of marine botanicals that provides exceptional moisture and helps repair damaged hair. 

-Color Hold® A proprietary technology that locks in hair color & brightness 

-Age-control Complex®: Addresses natural, chemical, and environmental aging; infused with caviar extract and vitamin C to help smooth the hair strand and increase shine. 

-Enzymetherapy®: An exclusive blend of enzymes and minerals designed to help vital nutrients adhere to hair. 


Easy to use as you massage it into wet hair & rinse out.   The conditioner you put in after you ring out excess water then you rinse out as well. I used the shampoo & conditioner and was a little surprised at how thick the shampoo felt in my hair, but I used it anyway & then the conditioner and styled my hair.  I was taken aback by how good my hair looked.  It was definitely softer & shinier & I was very happy with the results! The fact that the ingredients were all natural and protected my hair color from fading was definitely an added plus. The other thing I found very impressive was that they did an independent study on the shampoo & conditioner and 100% of the women who tried it saw a noticeable difference in the texture, shine, manageability, and softness in their hair after just 1 use.  I thought the price was fair for the product and I liked the fact that you can buy it in a sample size to see if you liked the product before investing in a larger more costly size. 


It can be purchased at fine department stores, ulta &  sephora or


4 out of 5 stars


Are your curls dehydrated and frizzy? Bumble and bumble's Bb. Curl (Style) Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer is the perfect Summer Refreshment to bring your curls back to life.

By Amanda V.

Oh that New York City summer heat... It can be a curly haired gal's best friend or worst enemy. Im normally someone who would blow dry and straighten their hair even during a city heatwave but i found myself going natural ALL summer. Keeping it clean and deeply moisturized, I usually start the day with a full on fro that turns into ballerina bun because I give up and just can't deal. for the past month, I found myself reaching more and more for the "Bumble and Bumble Bb. Curl (Style) Pre-Style/Re-Style Primer". This gem of a hair product has been coming in clutch for refreshing my hair so that I'm not washing and stripping my hair of its natural oils every single day. After freshly washed hair I apply this before any other product being that it is a primer and I comb it through as I detangle. it gives my curls a bit if definition. i follow with my everyday curly haired products and then I end with a couple of more sprays of this because it is also a UV protectant that will shield my hair from the harsh summer rays. I keep it in my work bag for refreshing and protecting throughout the day. A major plus... My hair is also left frizz free on even the most humid days!

I found that this works at its absolute best on damp hair rather than dry hair as it tends to leave a sticky feel. I usually add some water to my hair before spraying this on Day 2 and 3 hair. 

I found that this works at its absolute best on damp hair rather than dry hair as it tends to leave a sticky feel. I usually add some water to my hair before spraying this on Day 2 and 3 hair. 

On Days 2 and 3, I would spray my hair with a water bottle and then add some of this and refresh the styling from the 1st day. I also have taken this with me to the pool again, as a protectant. A spritz here and there and in minutes your hair is refreshed and redefined and hydrated. The fact that this styling spray is formulated without sulfates, parabens and phthalates is ace. Love products that don't contain terrible chemicals that can damage my hair. 

This priming spray retails at $11 for 2oz and $23 for 8.5oz. I know that everyone has a different hair type and curl pattern so you can always try out the travel size and see if it works for you and your curls and then decide if you feel the need to splurge. This product is definitely helpful for the gals with severely dehydrated, tight, curly hair like mine who feel like nothing can help their hair. I recommend you give it a go and release your fro! 


IGK Call Time Styling Primer

By: Amanda V.

It has recently been muggy as shit in NYC, and humidity equals Monica from FRIENDS hair. 

My hair is difficult to describe just like everything else in my life. I have big curly hair that has been heat damaged and prine to breakage but although it's big it is also kind of on the thin side (are you still with me? That was alot to take in). So I've recently added  IGK's Call Time Styling Primer to my hair routine. To be honest I didn't know if this would work with a blow out but it did!!! This lightweight priming mist smells so sultry and the actual product isn't sticky whatsoever. I had zero static with added shine for ultimate smoothness. It didn't weigh my hair down or make it flat or greasy looking. I also decided to try it on the second day of my blowout to refresh as well as for beachy cool girl texture and it worked as well without having my hair get completely back to its natural curly state which also tends to frizz up at the drop of water. but my hair stood straightened with a bit more movement.  It gives it a nice wave and honestly I would purchase this again and again solely for the scent. I got rained on and my hair stood the same!!! Pure Magic. I have also used this on freshly washed hair to continue to protect it from the uv rays. It's like giving your dehydrated hair a sip of water. I will pair it with IGK coconut oil gel and put it up in a ballerina bun. It even refreshes my hair when i wear it out in a curly fro!!

This fine mist is perfect for heat styling protection and it protects up to 450 degrees, which BTW, you should never use your flat iron on full heat... but if you wanted to, this would be the perfect barrier for your hair. The coconut oil in this product helps strengthen my hair to survive my endless blowouts. This is my new go-to for my severely dehydrated, damaged hair. It's coming with me everywhere I go. It earned a permanent spot in my routine, especially for the Summer months.

The Call Time Styling Primer retails for $27 at Sephora stores and This is 5oz of product and you don't have to use much and the mist is so fine that you truly get a ton of product for the price. 

Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen Grow & Restore Shampoo

Written by Pepper. B 


In need of a good shampoo and conditioner and on a budget. I ran frantically into CVS looking for Shea Moisture. I know the products are a great price point and I can get exactly what I need when body care is concerned. This encouraged me to venture into other parts of the line. I stumbled across this shampoo and conditioner. What I appreciate most is that my scalp feels clean but my hair doesn't feel dry. The Apple Cider Vinegar is great for if you have oily scalp. The castor oil promotes hair growth. The smell isn't harsh. The smell actually smells really good. I must add the bottle is huge. Great buy for under 20 bucks.  I would love to point out if you are someone who experiences extreme dry areas in the scalp this may not work for you but there are several alternatives within the line that will match your hair type.  

I love spicing up conditioners I buy. Not because I don't believe that they will be effective but more to add extra things I need. Example I often add a little bit of Tea Tree Oil in every conditioner I buy. This prevents my scalps from itching and soothes dry areas. I often add a little bit of Argan Oil to conditioners as well to hydrate my hair soften the texture and make it a bit easier to comb through.



Carols Daughter Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Edge Control Smoother


I picked up a new leave in conditioner from Carol's Daughter I don't have thin or dry hair but I think it would be helpful for any hair to use a biotin conditioner for strengthening purposes.  I also picked up the black vanilla edge control. I've used the black vanilla line so I figured why not try something new to replace the macadamia control which was a bit more pricy and did a little flaking. I'm using this with my Shea moisture shampoo and conditioner.  I am super excited to see the decrease in prices they are way more feasible and would encourage consumers to use it for daily use. You know there's that one good shampoo & conditioner that you alternate to reserve for important outings. Well that was me with my carols daughter shampoo and conditioner. A girl shouldn't have to reserve the good shampoo and conditioner for those days so this is super exciting.


Bumble & Bumble BB Straight Shampoo & Conditioner

Written by Deanna P


Bumble & Bumble started its flagship store in 1977 in NYC.  The salon became very popular & it became the go to place for all things hair.  They now have an uptown & downtown salon in NYC & a network of salons worldwide.  The company currently has also expanded to include education, editorial,  & a full line of products. I received& tried some bumble & bumble product recently BB Straight Shampoo & Conditioner.I am always thrilled to try something that says straight as I have naturally wavy hair that tends to frizz in humid weather & is not that easy to blow dry.  


BB Straight Shampoo comes in 8.5 oz/250 ML and retails for $31.00.


BB Straight Conditioner comes in 8.5 oz 250 ML and retails for $34.00


Using both the Shampoo & conditioner is the most optimal way to tame your hair.  The combination is best for thick, curly, unruly hair.  I used it on my dry wavy frizzy hair & was pleased with the results.  It is easy to use as all you do is wet hair. add shampoo &  lather, than rinse well.  The conditioner you add & comb or work in with your finger & then rinse it well.  It is sulfate free & contain no parabens.  It is also safe for color treated hair.  I also must comment on how much I liked the smell of the shampoo & conditioner.  It was very pleasant & had a natural scent. The shampoo & conditioner is rather expensive, but I do believe it is worth trying.  It worked well on my hair.  It was easier to blow dry & it made it straighter than normal which I was very pleased with. It also had less flyaways & looked shiny.  After using inexpensive shampoos & conditioners for some time, you really can tell the difference when you upgrade to a more expensive option.  I feel occasionally it is good to splurge on your hair health especially if it results in beautiful healthy hair.  




It can be purchased at Sephora or the Bumble & Bumble website

Here is the Bumble & Bumble website:

Rich Kid Coconut Oil Gel IGK Product Review

GK created a Coconut Oil Gel. I repeat, COCONUT OIL GEL!! Keywords: COCONUT OIL! 

This particular hair product has been on my radar for quite a while (for the obvious reason, stated prior). I've steered clear from hair gel FOR YEARS, but this product has pulled me back in. I've been applying heat to my hair less and less these days and I've been looking to dabble in some products here and there to see what will be good for me and my natural mane.


Written by: Amanda V



After finally getting my hands on this gem, I immediately tried it out on towel dried hair and later on I also tried this a couple of days into my blowout. When towel dried I normally tame my unruly hair in either a ballerina bun and this gives a great gold but leaving my hair soft instead of hard and crunchy so that when I loosen it up I'm left with pretty moisturized wavey curls. When used on my day 2-3 blown out hair, It gives this piecey, beachy, cool girl texture to the hair as well as major hydration which I need as much as possible. 


The consistency of this Gel is as weightless as my Glossier Priming Moisturizer making it appropriate for those with fine hair. It's more like a thin paste than a Gel. Although my hair has been growing and getting thicker the more I take care of it it's still considered fine and this genius product will not weigh it down or make it flat. It didn't even leave a gross white residue that some hair gels may leave. The light chic scent of this product is actually gorgeous, I have been complimented on it a couple of times. It's not overpowering whatsoever, it's just a pretty subtle hint of fresh fragrance. 


I actually cannot wait to use this in the warmer months as well or when I go on vacation to a warmer climate because this will be the type of lightweight, hydration my hair will need while still being styled. This Gel is free of drying and damaging parabens, sulfates as well as being safe for color treated tresses and also contains a UV Protectant. For my vegan friends, you will be ecstatic to know that this product is suitable for you as well as cruelty free. Yay Bunnies!! 


This is more of a high end hair product and can be purchased at Sephora for $27 for 5oz which is pretty steep for hair gel but it's completely worth the indulgence. It will last you a long time, especially the shorter your hair is. A little quarter sized amount goes a long way. It is ideal for all hair types especially those with thin, dry, damaged strands that are prone to breakage (HELLO, yeah, that's me!) as this coconut oil infused Gel restores nutrients and natural oils leaving your mane frizz free, hydrated and conditioned.

Dry Bar Bay Breeze Hydrating Shot Review:

Written By Deanna P 

Dry Bar Bay Breeze Hydrating shots

Dry Bar Bay Breeze Hydrating Shot is used to treat dry brittle, lifeless hair with moisture.  It is a thirst quencher for your hair.  The product retails for $38.00 & it it contains 4 shots packaged for individual use.   It retails for $38.00 & can be purchased at Sephora or online at the Dry Bar site.   It has no Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates.  It is also cruelty free.  It is simple to use.  You merely wash hair normally with shampoo & squeeze out the excessive water.  Then spray the whole small bottle into hair section by section.  Massage it in & leave on for 3 to 5 minutes.   Rinse well & style.  Use once a week.  DryBar was created for the perfect blowout.  Their philosophy is simple….”Focus one thing and be the best at it.”  They have a full line of products to help you achieve just that. 

I tried Bay Breeze twice in the past 2 weeks & I like it.  Winter is the hardest on my hair as the cold weather makes my hair look & feel dry.  After using it I was happy with the results.  My hair definitely had added moisture, felt soft, & looked shiny.  It definitely went from limp & dry to bouncy & moisturized.    I feel it could get pricey to keep up treatments, but I do feel it is worth the price if you invest once or twice a year.   With the holidays a week away, it definitely would be a great stocking stuffer.  The brand also has some great other gift ideas to choose from.  


Check out:

Living Proof Nourishing Oil Review

Written By; Deanna P 

Living Proof is a company that was founded in 2005 & is based in Cambridge Mass.  It’s staff is comprised of beauty experts & biotech scientists using technology from MIT.  The company actually does what it promises & makes hair beautiful.I have tried Living Proof product before & loved the results so I was happy to try Living proof frizz nourishing Oil.  This product actually got the coveted 2016best of Beauty award given by Allure The Beauty Expert in 2016.

The nourishing oil comes in 2 sizes

A 0.85 oz for $20.00 &  3.4 oz for $38.00.  I suggest you start with the smaller size & try the product to see how well it work on your hair.  I think the price is fair as this is a high end oil that really works to improve your hair.  The things I loved best about the oil is the scent & the fact that itdelivers on the results promised.  The product packaging is also pure genius.  Simple in nature, the color, size, & shape of the product made it feel ultra expensive & give off a cool trendy vibe.  The product was easy to dispense & it was easy to store.

The scent was one of my favorites, a light fresh citrusy smell.  I am a big proponent thata product should smell as as good as it works and the nourishing oil does just that. The oil promises that it will prevent frizz & add nourishment to the hair.  Since my hair tends to be frizzy, & not look very smooth, I was happy with the results.  My hair looked shinier, healthier, less, frizzy & more manageable.  I really liked this product better than most leave in oils.  I highly recommend trying it.  It also contains no Parabens, Sulfates, or Phthalates .




For more information or to purchase, check out:

Madam C.J Walker Jamaican Black Castor & Murumuru Oils Edge Control

Written by Pepper .B 


Edge control has been a constant struggle for me, The texture of my hair is super curly thick and frizzes easily. I don't perm my hair so I rely on good edge controls to keep my hairs tamed! I've probably purchased every edge control that exsist and still deal with this issue. Normally when I apply it My edges look amazing for all of 2 minutes then its back to normal. Most of the time I notice edge controls get super flaky or turn ashy or white in your scalp.  Working in the beauty industry that is like suicide referring products for my clients with a flaky scalp. 

I stumbled across this amazing edge control by Madam C.J Walker Beauty Culture. Honestly at first I wasn't sold on it, I used it and it didn't work for me. Totally didn't pay attention to the fact that my first test on the product was in 96 degree weather in vegas during the summer. I didn't write the product off completely. As the seasons started to shift I tried this product again. I'm sitting here looking at my jar completely empty. Elated, I had to come share this amazing find with you.  I generally use Jamaican black castor oil in my hair to help promote hair growth.

Jamaican Black Castor & Murumuru Oils collection has products to define curls and coils with intense hydration—each featuring captivating amber and warm glimmers of musk. Jamaican black castor oil is a highly potent restorative oil great for both hair and scalp health. Vitamin-rich murumuru oil leaves a conditioning coating on strands that seals in moisture, extending curl definition and sheen.
— Madam C.J Walker Beauty Culture

This product holds my edges all day. No flakiness or Stickiness. I love using this product for styles that are out of my face, ponytails and top knots. All though the price point is a little pricy it worth every cent! 

Ouai Haircare Hair Oil Review

By: Amanda V.

My natural hair is very frizzy, curly, and slightly unruly. Although my natural hair is a big fro, it is fine and because of this I don’t like to weigh it down with multiple products. I like to keep my haircare routine as simple as possible. Shampoo, conditioner or sometimes a co wash, a hair mask or deep conditioner and then heat protectant (if using heat) and hair oil because my hair is pretty dehydrated. Most hair oils are way too thick for my hair and the build up becomes too much that I have to wash my hair way more than I'd like to, which is stripping my hair of it’s natural oils. Early this summer I came across Ouai Hair Oil from Sephora.
The creator of the brand, Jen Atkin is known as the Queen of the celebrity hair world with clients like Jessica Alba, The Kardashian Clan Chrissy Teigen. Who doesn't envy their gorgeous, healthy mane? Each person from her clientele has stunning hair so I took a chance and grabbed it knowing that if I was unhappy with it I can always take it back. Since it was so hot and humid this summer, I abandoned my blowouts and mostly wore my hair natural and curly with very minimal product. This hair oil became a staple in my routine. It is so lightweight and nourishing that my hair never looked frizzy and parched and my curls never weighed down. They still had a bounce. After realizing how much I loved the way this product worked with my natural texture, I decided to try this oil with a blowout. WOW. My hair looks healthy and silky without looking stiff and extremely oily. It doubles as a heat protectant so I don't have to really use all the heat protecting balms and sprays. It is that perfect all in one product. It's great for taming frizz and flyaway as well as that finishing drop for a post blowout shine. This oil also protects my freshly darkened locks from fading and becoming dull. The scent of this product is what makes it feel so luxurious. It has a chic, fresh floral scent that isn’t too overpowering.

For 26 US dollars you get 1.7oz of product which is pretty decent considering it will last you 3 months if used frequently. That's how long it lasted me and I just finished a bottle. This oil works for everyone but especially Those of us with more fine stands. Check this oil out ASAP! It really is incredibly lightweight and the perfect multitasking hair product. I personally cannot wait to try out a few more hair products from the OUAI line. You can say I'm OUAI too addicted now.

Fun Tip: I mix this oil with my leave in/deep conditioners and masks. I feel like it makes a difference.

Sachajuan Normal Hair Shampoo Review

Written by Christine .Q 

So I've talked about how once or twice a week I do a deep cleanse for my hair with one of my favs, Big Shampoo by Lush. For years, I've been searching for my HG everyday shampoo. Since I'm a gym rat and my hair also leans on the greasy side, I have to wash my hair everyday. It's hard to find something that's gentle enough for everyday use but also does a good job of cleaning. I've tried everything from baby shampoo to cleansing condition. I even jumped onto the baking soda and water bandwagon, but that was incredibly short lived. 

I'm a boutique gym junkie. The thing I love about boutique gyms is that they provide their clients with top notch beauty products. Since these workouts are costly, I am going to take full advantage of everything these gyms have to offer. So after trying out a crazy intense bootcamp workout a couple of weeks ago at a new gym, I ran straight to the showers where I finally discovered the shampoo of my dreams. 

The winning product is Sachajuan's Normal Hair Shampoo. Seriously, WTF. How can something clean so well and smell so good. And the conditioner softens my hair in a way that makes this a double WTF (the Shiny Citrus body wash is a win also). I showered at the gym 5 days straight so I could use the shampoo. At $26 bucks for the shampoo and $29 for the conditioner, it ain't cheap. 

It took me a whole month to decide to purchase it. Every time I used any other shampoo, I just got sad. I now just justify it as, I'll never had to buy perfume again because my hair smells so good. Strong justification? Probably not. But when you fall in love you fall in love!    

Drybar Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant

Written by Deanna .P

Drybar is a concept that came about 6 years ago.  They are ahair salon & all they do is blow out hair.  They do not cut or color hair.  There are over 60 locations around the country & you can request on line for them to open a location near you.  The creators believe that a pro does a better job styling your hair than you do. I definitely agree & so do a lot of other people & that is one of the reasons the salon is so popular & successful. 

Besides salons, drybar also makes a bunch of products that you can buy online.  They have everything that will compliment the perfect blowout & help you to do it successfully at home.  


 Hot Toddy Heat & UV Protectant (50 ML 1.7 FL OZ. $16.00 100 ML 3.4 OZ $30.00) is one of the products that are available from drybar & I was fortunate enough to test it on my hair.


Our awareness has increased over the past 10 years, that there areso many factors such as the environment&  tools that damage your hair on a daily basis.  There is the sun, blowdryers, flatirons, curling irons, hot rollers that all provide heat to your hair & unfortunately don’t help it to ultimately look healthy & flourish in the long term.  Hot Toddy solves this problem.  Itis a very lightweight lotion that protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees F or232 degrees C.   It also prevent dryness, damage, & breakage & seals split ends. 


Ingredients include:

-Artichoke Leaf Extract which prevents dehydration and preserves hair cuticle. 

-Polymer Complex protects against heat from hot tools and helps to repair split ends. 

-UV Protectors (Octocrylene & Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) provide protection from UVA and UVB rays. 

-Marrakesh Woods Fragrance features notes of sandalwood, jasmine and vanilla.

It has no parabens, sulfates, & phthalates & theydo not test on animals,

Lastly, it works on all hair types & is also safe for keratin & color treated hair.


To use, you apply a small dollop into damp hair & work it through prior to blowdrying. 


I have been using it for the past couple of weeks & I definitely see a big change.  My hair looks healthier, feel softer, & has less split ends.  It definitely does exactly what it claims to do.  I would recommend this product & think it is a good value for the price.  You can buy it & more productshere & find out locations of the salon if interested in trying: