The Galaxy Eye Shadow That Has Us Feeling So Extra -Terrestrial!

Ready for eye shadows that will make you feel out of this world?

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These shadows have a wild amount of depth and dimension.

Intergalactic, Ether, Zodiac (Fave), + Cosmic

Intergalactic, Ether, Zodiac (Fave), + Cosmic

This eyeshadow formula was made for movement! Not a speck of chunky glitter lies within these multi-dimensional eye shadows. A soft base loaded with different shades of sparkle. And the way they reflect light -it's everything Ke$ha used to sing about. Now I got that glitter on my eyes... Looking sick and sexified.

The best way to apply this eye shadow is with your finger. However, you can use a short, dense flat shader brush and get a beautiful look. Apply a small amount and blend it out. Add a second layer and keep it concentrated to where want your eye shadow to pop! The color lasted pretty long on my eyes as well. You must, without question, use a sticky base. There will be a ton of fall out if you don't. 

The color of the base plays a major role in how the shimmers stand out. The NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in Black Bean + Milk have contrasting effects on the Moondust shadows. Milk (white) gave the shadows a grayish base and really let the sparkles stand out with direct light on it. The black base intensified everything! The base of the shadow became more pronounced. The shimmers were singing! The reddish copper shade is from the Eyedeal Duo from Dose of Colors in Maple. It gave a different tone to the shadows. The Intergalatic shadow (lighter purple) looked like it was on fire. 

Urban Decay also launched some of the Moondust shadow shades in a liquid form. Layering the Liquid Moondust Cream underneath turns the volume of the powder shadow all the way up. 

My favorite way to wear these shadows is layered over an eye pencil such as these 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils in Mainline (blue) and Goldmine (gold). The formula give the shadows something to cling to and help prevent any fall down. The pinkish base is a Multistick from Bite Beauty in Cashew. The Moondust shadow in Cosmic layered over is just stunning!


Let Urban Decay's Moondust eye shadows abduct you!

Available at Sephora, Ulta, Macy's, and UrbanDecay.com ($21)
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Masterclass by Mario Palette Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Masterclass by Mario Palette Review 

By Amanda V. 


Just about everyone in the beauty industry knows Mario Dedivanovic aka @makeupbymario on Instagram. He's the celebrity artist behind all of Kim Kardashian West's iconic makeup looks as well as the rest of the Kardashians and Jenners. He is pretty much the king of sultry and sexy. Whether you're a fan of Kim Kardashian or not, the one thing you can't deny is that her makeup is always extra gorg and crushes hearts with that iconic bronzed eye. The minimalist in me has been preferring the natural looks she's been sporting recent especially her latest looks at Paris Fashion Week that Mario has given her as well as some of my girl crushes like actresses Shay Mitchell, Priyanka Chopra and Supermodel Jourdan Dunn. I was just about obsessed with it all. These makeup looks all trace back to Mario and his new Masterclass by Mario palette in collaboration with the ever popular Anastasia Beverly Hills brand. He himself has stated that Kim was his muse for the easy neutral shades in palette filled with multiple mattes and metallics. Everyone from the super minimalist to the Drag Queens will fall head over heels over this palette.

The hype about this product was so real, I knew I just had to grab it during the release day. Packed into a chic, simplistic cardboard palette with magnetic closure are beautiful rich warm and cool toned mattes, soft nude and smokey jewel toned metallics. This palette has everything you need to go from super soft day to super sultry night. It's very easy to work with that even beginners can slay. This product came out at the perfect time heading into the perfect season for these shades. These autumnal hues are reminiscent of the gorgeous shades of the falling leaves I see while walking through Central Park. This product gives me beautiful enchanted forest vibes. 

It is love at first swatch. What I absolutely love about these Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes is the quality and pigment of these shadows. They are buttery smooth and glide on like a dream. My favorite shade that I fell in love with is "Marina". It is the most beautiful, glowing, intense metallic peachy gold I've ever come across and it deserves infinite heart eye emojis. It is made of mermaid dreams, I just want to bathe in it. (Fun Fact: I have used it as a highlighter already). The photos will never do it justice. A close second in favorites in this palette is the shade "Bronx". A beautiful warm earthy olive shade with a gorgeous golden shimmer. This shadow shade is pretty similar to Urban Decay's "Stash" 24/7 glide on eye pencil. The mattes in this palette are the holiest of matte shadows. The pigmentation of these mattes are batshit crazy. The vibrancy is there even with a finger swatch and without using an eyelid primer/base. I did favor the "Isabel" matte shade. It's the perfect warm, light orange creamsicle shade that is ideal for transitioning in the crease. The only disappointing shade to me was Hollywood. It goes on a bit chalky and it wasn't as buttery smooth as the others and when blended it pretty much became transparent on me. I've always found that the quality of the shadows in ABH Palettes are better than the single shadows. They're softer and blend more seamlessly and attaches to the brush better and you don't have to keep digging into the shadow to get the intensity we all want from a shadow. Of course there is a bit of fallout but let's be real, what shadow doesn't? 

The cost of this palette is $45 for 12 shadows that's are 0.02oz each. The palette is Limited Edition so it might be difficult to get your hands on. What is a tad bit annoying is that all of the Anastasia Beverly Hills palettes from the past were all less than this price point. Even her permanent classic "Modern Renaissance" palette, which contained 2 more shadows than this one is slightly cheaper at $42 and The limited edition "Self-Made" palette which also had 14 shadows was only $35. The price increase is a bit wild but I understand that Mario has to make some collab profit. You will be getting your money's worth because it's a gorgeous palette with rich pigments which isn't always easy to come across and it can be used everyday for even the most subtle look. If you need more convincing just stare at the glowing swatch of "Marina" until you've completely surrendered soul,  and your dollars. 



Bobbi Brown Sequin Eyeshadow Review

The Bobbi Brown Sequin Eyeshadows are a beautiful disaster. When you open the compact that these baked eyeshadows are packaged in, your heart will stop. The swirl of colors and tiny glitters would make every beauty lover shed a tear as they dream up all of the fascinating looks they could blend into perfection. These domed shaped eyeshadows are going to break your heart; for all their beauty is a challenge fit for an Olympian. They are not for the faint of heart, they are not for your average makeup wearer, they are not a beginner’s product. Yes, you can make the eye shadow as beautiful on your eye as it is in the compact but…you gonna work, bitch. 

Imagine you are at a bar. From the corner of your eye, you see a gorgeous man; he is possibly the finest man you have ever seen. He sees you too and smiles. He comes over to you and as he begins to introduce himself, all you can smell is his horrid breath. You didn’t even catch his name, you ask again but you can’t even hear it because your mind is overcome with the stench that seeps from his very sexy lips. Imagine the disappointment you’d feel. That is how you are going to feel if you buy these eye shadows based on the swatches of them. These eye shadows swatch gorgeously but their performance and cost are going to make you question why you even came to this party.


When you apply the eye shadow, the color is going to look stunning. Once you begin to blend the shade, the color fades to a grey, patchy mess. All of them! They all break down into a grey mess. Packing on the color doesn’t help because it just fades. After many trials and so very many errors, I have finally found the best way to apply the Sequin eyeshadow. Use a very sticky base, a glitter glue if you can, apply the eye shadow with a setting spray to enhance the color, and then spray the final eye look with the setting spray to lock it in place. And even after all that work, you maybe have about 4 hours before the glitters and pigments start to fall down on your cheeks. If you used the Sequin Eyeshadows to create an editorial-messy-look, you’d love these eye shadows. I used Moon Rock in that way and liked it a lot. However! These eyeshadows are $36 each. That is too expensive for me to have to use so many other products to make it worth it. Especially when I can get a better shimmery, highly pigmented product for much cheaper. If these finishes are calling your attention, I recommend saving your money and picking up some Colourpop Super Shock Shadows instead. The pigmentation is better and they actually stay on your eye. The colors I suggest aren’t exact matches but they are close enough. Oh yeah, and they’re 5 bucks.


The shade that ripped out my heart. Do you see how beautiful of an eye shadow that is?! Greens are my favorite eyeshadows to work with. They look adorable with my brown eyes, blonde hair and my skin tone (let a girl appreciate herself). Once I cracked the code to these eyeshadows, I was able to make this one look great. Still, I would not recommend it. The Colourpop shade that could satisfy the urge for Comet is the Super Shock Shadow in the shade Shameless. It has more of a black base though. 

You’d have to wish on a shooting star to make Star Beam a worthy purchase. That is harsh, but it is true! The purple glitters just fall off your eyes and crash land like meteorites on your face. Look to Colourpop’s Evny instead.

If you absolutely needed to try just one of the Bobbi Brown Sequin eyeshadows, Moon Rock is your best bet. It actually isn’t terrible. I paired this with the Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner in Steel Ink and it lasted well. But I think that had much more to do with the eyeliner. Colourpop’s Rex is a similar shade but has more silver glitter while Moon Rock has more gold.


The Bobbie Brown Sequin eyeshadows are getting 2 stars because with a whole lot of elbow grease, they can look stunning. But there are eyeshadows that are much easier to work with that are much more affordable available. I think it would be wise to save your money and go elsewhere.







The Masquerade Palette Review by @Juviasplace

Written By Pepper. B 

Product Rating: 4.5 

Price Rating: 32.50 US

I purchased this product as a late birthday gift to myself. It's leo season so I needed an excuse to purchase. I own both Nubian 1 & 2 and I was extremely impressed with both. What you see here is what you get! The color pay off is incredible and they blend very easy. Although the palettes work for all skin tones and show very well. Women who have a warmer complexion will appreciate the warm brows they don't appear ashy or chalky. The price point is also a steal because they shelf life is very long. One small callout is that the Nubian 1 palette is a bit more sturdy then & Masquerade. The shadows glide on like butter. The pan size of the shadows on both palette 2 and Masquerade are bigger. I've also used them to highlight and contour with no breakout or reaction on the face. These palettes are currently a kit favorite of mine. I also am obsessed with lashes. If you are looking to try more products at once I suggest getting the Juvias Box you get to try shadows, lashes and brush for one set price.


Swatches on my arm below: 



Kiss Product Review

Written by Deanna .P

I have always connected the Kiss Brand with nail care products.  I have been using the Kiss nail brand since I was a teenager & first got into doing my own nails at home.   I had not known that the brand has branched out to encompass makeup, haircare & hair appliances. I also did not know how large of a Global brand they are.  Kiss is the largest manufacturer & distributor of nail care products. Their products are available is 90 countries worldwide.  They own impressed, Broadway nails, i.envy,, red, kiss new york,  & ruby kisses. I tried & reviewed 3 products from the Kiss New York line.  

Kiss New York Gel Nail polish $2.99 13 ML This Nail Gel polish comes in 36 shades.  I tried Hot Mama.  I loved this vibrant shade.  The great thing about this polish as it mimics a gel polish and offers the benefits of long lasting polish with out the need for UV/LED Lamps.   The other nice thing about this polish is that it dries easily.  


Kiss New York Magical Ink Eyeliner $9.001 ML  

This liquid eyeliner comes in Dark Brown & Blackest Black.  I used the Dark Brown.  This eyeliner is a felt tip brush which makes it very easy to apply & allows for very precise application.  Some benefits include that is smudge proof,  extreme wear, & has very intense color.

Easy to use as all you do is shake before you use.  I thought this eyeliner was a great value for the price.  It worked as well as any professional eyeliner & helped me to look like my makeup was done by a professional.  I definitely would recommend it.  

For more info: 


All in all for a very reasonable priced group of products, I felt they all worked very well.  I definitely would try more products created by Kiss beyond Nail products & offer my stamp of approval.

Tartelette Product Review

Review By Christine. Q

I normally eschew eyeshadow palettes. I find that I only hit pan on one or two colors and the rest of the palette is largely left unused.

I'm picky about eyeshadows. Consistency, texture, and longevity are key for me. Get an eyeshadow that isn't pigmented enough you'll end up scraping it off the pan. Get one that's too powdery, well, have fun trying to get the loose shadow off your face without smearing the rest of your make-up. Normally, I would say, build your own collection with all different types of shadows, but if you did have to buy one catch-all palette, it would be the ones from Tarte.  I've been hooked on Tarte palettes since I first invested in the limited edition ones that they release every year around Christmas time. Since we're in the middle of the year, I'll share my other favorite: the Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette. What a mouthful! I love this palette because I use every single color. It is so versatile, you can use it for daytime, romantic, or even dramatic looks. For daytime, I usually sweep the color Wanderer (light brown) on my lid and line with the color Bombshell (dark plum).For a romantic look, I will use the entire middle row to create a soft rosy look that really highlights my brown eyes.  For a dramatic look, I will use the entire top row and fashionista (black shadow) to create a brown smokey eye. The great thing about this palette is that ll of the colors blend together well and have a beautiful texture. If you're into selfie's, they also photograph well!