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My hair type is frizz. I have mostly wavy, kinda curly hair. It's not super thick, so it is pretty easy to manipulate. But if I want to blow dry my hair myself, I know that it will look frizzy the first day until it settles down. That's just how it's always been. I never thought there was a product that would make my hair salon straight. I should've known that Bumble and Bumble would have exactly what I needed. Striaght Blow Dry will give you a hairstylist level blow dry.

I am a Bumble and Bumble fangirl. I came across the brand while browsing through Sephora irl a few years ago. Their signature product, Surf Spray, is what caught my attention. I've been in love ever since. Every. Single. Product. I try from Bumble and Bumble has made my hair look marvelous. There is some sort of magic in their products that make your hair look effortlessly stylish. All I need them to do now is make the scent of their Surf Spray into a fragrance. I love it! I won't lie to you, Bumble and Bumble products are a bit pricey. But they really are worth every penny!

They have a few versions of their blow dry cream. Straight Blow Dry will give the frizziest, curliest hair a fighting chance against the blow dryer and humidity. The first step is hair prep. While my hair is still wet from the shower, I split my hair in half vertically. Then I apply a dollop of the creme to each half my hair. Starting from the middle of my hair shaft, I massage the product into my hair to my ends. I never directly apply smoothing type products near my roots because I don't ever want my hair flat to my head. I like volume. Big hair is always my hair goals. The cream spreads very easily through your hair.  Once it is off my hands, I run a brush through my hair to make sure I didn't miss anything. With the remnants of cream that remain on the brush, I will run the brush over my roots to help ensure they don't frizz up but aren't flat. The fragrance is very soft and I don't smell it on my hair after it's been dried, but I wouldn't mind if it did. 

I am so extra. I use a ton of different brushes when I style my hair. The large round styling brush is a roots only essential tool to create the volume I like. The double clamp straightening brush makes my blow dry almost flat iron straight. The brand of my blow dryer doesn't matter, I just wanted to show the one I was using. What is MAJOR KEY is the nozzle that makes the air easy to control.


After prepping, it's time to get your blow dryer ready. For the perfectly straight blow dry, there are a few key steps if your have frizzy hair. Sectioning off your hair is not an option, it's a lifeline. I usually do 3 sections horizontally: just below the ear, just above the ear, finishing from crown to hairline. On each section, I use a wide, paddle brush to get most of the moisture off of my hair. Then I use the double clamp straightening brush to smooth my hair. If you like volume, use a large round styling brush to lift your roots. Always, always, always, point the air from the blow dryer down and at an angle that is nearly parallel to your hair. It will smooth the hair shaft and keep the frizz at bay.

wide paddle brush

wide paddle brush

Double Clamp Straightening brush

Double Clamp Straightening brush

Another brush that will save you from a frizzy blow dry is this brush from Brush Lab called Bang Control which I picked up from UIta about three years ago. Because this brush has a metal core,  the heat from the blow dryer gets absorbed into the metal. It allows you to smooth you hair. I don't have bangs any more, but this brush is perfect to smooth out my ends. I can also use it to shape any layers sections of my hair. Note: If you have bangs, you need this brush. It will change everything!

And viola! Straight hair! Using the Straight Blow Dry from Bumble and Bumble also makes all my efforts to get straight hair worth it because it makes my blow dry last longer. 

I've also used the Straight Blow Dry from Bumble and Bumble to on my natural hair without blow drying it. I don't blow dry my hair all the time. More often than not, I wash my hair, throw on some oil, and throw it into some sort of braid. While my hair is still wet, I apply just a quarter size amount of the Straight Blow Dry cream to my hair and let my hair dry naturally. It acts somewhat similarly to a leave in conditioner. My hair dries to its natural texture but it isn't as frizzy. If my hair is already dry, I can still use this product. I wet my hands, apply the cream and brush out my hair to get it back to a manageable state. I do not apply this cream to dry hair because it will not move. You will end up with just glob of moisture in one part of your hair. You need to add water to make it glide. This product also helps with detangling my hair. 

Here are a few of my favorite products from Bumble and Bumble that you need to try just once! You'll be hooked! They have a couple of salons in NYC and I hope to get my hair done there just once as an over indulgence. I am so high maintenice. If you hadn't already guessed!

Available at Sephora; $16-$32

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