The GLAMGLOW Mask That Can Replace SUPERMUD: POWERMUD™ + First Impressions (VIDEO)

If you've heard of the luxurious skincare treatment line called Glam Glow, you've definitely heard of their famous Supermud mask. And you probably haven't heard or seen much of their Powermud DualCleanse mask. The green one. Oh, right! It is rare that Powermud gets attention. On Glamglow's Sephora webpage, Powermud is at the lower end of the page when sorted by 'best selling.' However, it is the perfect mask to balance your skin and maintain good skin health.

Supermud from Glam Glow is a skin clearing treatment that is powerfully potent. It's been reviewed here on by a fellow contributor. I myself have tried Supermud as well. Everyone loves that when this mask dries, it leaves you with no secrets. I'm no different. The mask dries to a light gray shade. Any darker areas where the mask has dried are where your face needed to be vacuumed. It's at home spa extractions that help you get back to clear skin.

The PowermudDualcleanse Treatment is a mud to oil mask that functions like a clarifying shampoo for your face. This mask is meant to be used just about once or twice a week to give you a deep cleanse. This mask is perfect for someone who regularly wears a full face of makeup. Or if you're someone who rides the NYC subway. I always wonder what tiny particles of rats-crawling-on-trash are getting trapped in my skin when that hot gust of wind smacks me in the face. Adding this mask to your routine will keep your skin health. You won't need Supermud when Powermud is keeping you balanced. 

My favorite way to use this mask is right before I shower. As directed, I apply a thin layer of the mask to my face and let it dry. It takes about 10 minutes. It gives you time to get your clothes together, maybe get some coffee brewing, fold some laundry, or just chill. While in the shower I wash it away. What I like is that there are tiny gritty bits when you wash off the mask that exfoliate your skin. My skin looks so good after I use this mask. Powermud gets to the depths that your daily cleanser doesn't have the reach for which leads to those nasty little popups on your face. 

I made a tiny video of the first time used Powermud. It's recorded on my iPad so the quality isn't perfect. What sparked this vlog was the whole "mud to oil" claim. How does a mud become an oil? Where is the science? I have searched and searched for an explanation but I haven't found one. It must be that the Powermud is formulated with oils that just get rehydrated when you add water to wash your face. So what happened? Did this mud become an oil?

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