Estee Edit Cocobalm


This has to be the most beautifully packaged lip gloss I have ever seen. The thick acrylic wraps around a cushy center with a pop of color, all topped off with a chrome lid. The Estee Edit kept the bulky packaging just below tacky. This is so much more fun than your standard lip gloss in a tube with a wand. When you squeeze the soft plastic center, the gloss is pushed through the angled tip. You can apply it straight to your lips or with a brush. I prefer a brush because, as I said, it is bulky and you can whack yourself in the nose. Or is that just me and my clumsiness?


The formula is a thick, sticky gloss that leaves a gentle touch of color on the lips. When you apply the sticky gloss to your lips, the warmth from your skin helps the gloss to melt into a smooth, creamy finish that hydrates your lips. I don’t typically go for glosses because I don’t like how they feel or look on my lips but The Estee Edit Cocobalm is comfortable to wear and pretty! You won’t feel like your lips are stuck together or that your lips are smacking when you speak. You have 5 sheer shades to choose from. The shade I’m wearing is 04 Coco Berry. It’s the second darkest shade to choose from.


 Leave a comment telling us what your favorite lip gloss is! Have you tried Cocobalm or any of the Estee Edit’s products, what were your favorites?


 Product Rating: 5 stars

Available at Sephora; $22

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