What we think about dumpster diving for make-up

What are your thoughts on dumpster diving for make-up?

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Pepper:  What drove me to write about dumpster diving is one day while on a work trip. I took a late night walk to Seven11 to get some essentials with a coworker, as we were leaving she mention this pile of food that was being locked up and put in the trash. I mentioned to her during my first high school job at Starbucks I would take all the leftover food and give it to the homeless shelter a few doors down. Thereafter she mentions " Well that I understand and thats amazing because the food just goes to waste and thats horrible" This is a real thing and some people who have lower income and no means to feed there family dumpster diving is something that works for them. I couldn't fault them either If I had no way to feed my family it would consist of whatever it takes. My co worker proceeds " What I don't get is the dumpster diver for make-up" at the this point the weird horror music begin to play. My mouth hit the floor all though I am in beauty Ive never heard of this before. I begin to do what I do best and I start to research deeper and this was best video I could find to describe this action in a nutshell please video right below and proceed for our dialouge

Danyelle 3/13/17

What you have is $6,000 worth of high-risk infection.

Did she say her mom!?! Mami, no!!!! These are not skills we want to be carried from generation to generation! Maybe I’m a snob, but the idea that these girls are going to put conditioner-soaked-dumPSTER-EYEshadow on their EYES just made me sick. Repressing an eyeshadow is NOT CLEANING IT!!!! Please just apply to work at a makeup store so you can enjoy the gratis! Being broke isn’t even a reason. Hi, I’d like to introduce you ELF cosmetics. You can snatch your face for the price of that Tarte palette you ‘cleaned.’


The lipstick. Jesus.  How could you put something that was in the trash on your face let alone your mouth! You are not trying to keep yourself fed. Makeup is a luxury at all price ranges. I love makeup, but this is not worth the risk! I’m sorry, but the girl is going through the skincare talking about pore cleansing but you about to rub dumpster lipstick on your lips. Where is the sense?

Danyelle 3/13/17

Omg. Never have I ever wanted to be an internet troll in my life. 

“I do plan on doing a giveaway.” No thanks, boo. That’s all you. For you and only you.

I had to scroll through the comment section, and look what found:

ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-ONE LIKES!!!! I am all about making friends, but you cannot be bonding over finding trash to put on your face. 

Danyelle 3/13/17

I’m sorry that your circumstances are have led you to dig in the trash so you can find makeup. I do not take for granted how lucky I am to even be able to buy the products I love. But, honey, there are other methods. There are organizations that donate makeup to people in need. Here is one of them called Project Beauty Share.

3/20/2017 @Acevalle 

Over $6700 worth of dirt and dignity. Excuse me for being overly dramatic but this video left some scars. I’m a germaphobe and I honestly don’t even really like applying the testers at Sephora on my face let alone take something out of a dumpster… not trash can… HUGE Dumpster… that you have to climb in that was combined with other trash. OH THE HORROR.. The Bacteria floating Horror. WHY? What would possess you to dig in a dumpster late at night? Why would you risk infection and life long pink eye? Is it desperation? At this point I’m not only horrified but also incredibly curious. Just because you rubbed a little alcohol and melted that disgusting lipstick palette does not mean it is disinfected, if anything you just blended the melted product and remaining germs together. I’m so incredibly disturbed that this seems like a family activity and you can even hear children in the background in complete awe of the massive amount of items that were found. I understand that there are some products that are pricey and you lust for them but like I grew up very poor but every time I had birthday money or with every little job I could snag, I’d save up for a product I’ve been lusting after. Plus there are a lot of great products out there for less that 5 dollars!!!! this is unnecessary. Not to sound naive but I don’t even think money is the case here, They live in a house and have a car and wifi and a computer and phone to upload to youtube. I’m curious as to why this girl and her fam are doing this? I NEED TO KNOW!! I don’t want to come off as mean or anything like that but I’m just so bothered because this is just so gross and unhealthy to the largest organ of our bodies… our skin! as well as Eyes, and Mouth/Lips also pride.

What I find totally shocking is THE FOLLOWING this girl has… almost hitting 10,000 subscribers. They all aspire to dig trough the dumpsters near their local ultras to grab products!!! Lawd!!!!!
— @acevalle

Deanna P

Conceptually it sounds like fun.  You jump into a dumpster & rummage around for valuables & when you find some you feel like you hit the Jackpot!  On the other hand you are in a dirty dumpster with garbage, possibly rodents & roaches, & whatever else someone has discarded.  The thought of this outweighs the feeling of finding something valuable.  I would opt out & find a more sure & cleaner way of finding a treasure like getting to the end of a rainbow! 

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