Black Up Lip Lacquer

This is the smoothest lip lacquer on the market. Black Up Lip Lacquer has a thick, highly pigmented, lusciously creamy formula. So many glosses are so sticky that you can feel your lips smack as you speak *shivers at the thought.* Gross. With this lip lacquer, your lips just slip past each other as if you were wearing a balm. This is not a gloss that leaves a sheer shiny finish with just a pinch of color. You have as much color as you would with a great quality liquid lipstick. And your lips are new car shiny. 

The shape of this applicator is beautifully artist. It is clear plastic tip with a sharp point that allows you to nicely line your lips. It also has a dip in the applicator to collect enough product to coat your lips. I do prefer using a brush to apply the lip lacquer because it gives you more control of this thick formula and it allows you to get a more even application. The only negative about the Black Up Lip Lacquer is that, like with most glosses, it can get all over your face real quick. The only reason that it is more concerning with this gloss is because this gloss is very thick and pigmented. It can make clean up a mess. It also feathers. What I really like about this product is that when it fades, you are left with a gorgeous stain on your lips! This shade is called VL06 - vivid purple. When it fades, your lips are stained with a lilac, rosy tint. It looks so pretty!. The Black Up Lip Lacquer is available in 10 shades and super affordable. Which one are you picking up?

Black Up cosmetics is one of not enough brands that markets to and caters to black and multi-racial skin tones. For a long time, I though this company was black-owned. As a woman of color who loves makeup, an industry that is very exclusive in which my skin tone can often be excluded, I like to know what brands actually take the time and effort to remember that there are more than just 10 shades of light skinned people living and shopping on this earth. The founder of Black Up is a black man named Fabrice Mahabo, but he is not the owner. I'm sharing this with you because I know there are consumers out there consciously shopping black-owned businesses. Black Up is not. On, there is an expose that reports on the transition of power in Black Up and why it is no longer black owned. To read more, click here

Avaiable at Sephora; $23

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