Black Radiance Brilliant Effects Lip Gloss in Luscious

If you told me that I would ever highly rate a shimmery lip gloss, I'd introduce myself to you because you obviously don't know me. Yet, here we are. I'm sitting here wearing a shimmery lip gloss on my lips and I... love it?! How did this happen?! Who am I? Also, yes, I do wear the product I'm writing about as I write it's review. Always.

Black Radiance is a new product line to me. If the rest of their modest collection performs half as well as this gloss, they just got a new loyal customer. The Brilliant Effects Lip Gloss is so far from my makeup style that I feel like I am evolving. This semi-thick gloss is sheer and brimming with tiny mostly blue glitters. There are flecks of gold and purple shimmers that give this very affordable lip gloss premium quality dimension! Brilliant Effects Lip Gloss is not even a little bit sticky. It leaves a smooth and hydrating feeling on your lips. As it wears down, you are left with the glitters on your lips which you completely forgot were even there because you can't even feel them. The applicator is a long, flexible brush that evenly spreads the gloss over your lips. The only aspect of this lip gloss that I don't like is the scent. It has the STRONG smell some sort of berry but with a super medicinal notes. And it lingers. Luckily, I don't really taste anything but the smell is enough. I love layering this gloss over dark-plumy lipsticks. The blue glitters make the darker shades pop!

Black Radiance is a cosmetic line that caters to those rich in melanin. As with much of society, the cosmetic industry is negligent of those with darker skin tones. As a woman of color, it is disturbing to know that my skin tone is often at the latter half of a line's shade range. How could it be that a company can design 15 shade options of foundation lighter than my skin tone but only 5 deeper than mine? Regardless of their intention, the message received is that those with darker skin tones do not deserve to feel pretty or enjoy makeup. It's socially irresponsible.

A few weeks ago, Black Radiance broadened the impact they choose to make on the black community. They began to use #BlackBeautyMatters which, no doubt, piggybacks off of the empowering and controversial #BlackLivesMatter Movement. They now feature posts with comments from their followers making statements about how they define black beauty and what it means to them. Thus far, their message has been received positively from their followers. 

These two shade additions to the Brilliant Effects Lip Gloss look so fun! The red shade is Firecracker. The black shade is Black Diamond and will most definitely be making it's way to my makeup bag. With a powerful message and fantastic product range, Black Radiance needs to be on your radar!

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