Positively Glowing: A Highlighter & Priming Duo that provides Good Vibes, an aura of Love and a Glowing Beam.

By Amanda V.

When cult favorite online beauty brand (as well as a major favorite of mine)  Colourpop Cosmetics announced that they were releasing a crystal infused collection I just knew that I had to get in on this. 

ROSE QUARTZ : This stone of the heart will attract love, keep love and help mend a broken heart. 

That's what you read when you first open the box of the Rose Quartz crystal priming spray and crystal liquid highlighter. I already feel surrounded by infinite mini pink heart emojis while unboxing these bottles gems!!

This liquid highlighter isn't completely overpowering, it is very sheer and the intensity of it's beam can be built. It mixed so well with my NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer and My Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint. When Spot highlighting, I use a Small duo fibre brush (which I love for all of my liquid highlighters) and press into my skin and then use either my fingers or a Beauty Blender to make it appear more seamless. The light (especially natural sunlight) catches the reflects of the crushed crystals in this highlighter so beautiful, making you look like an ethereal goddess. The highlighter worked well with my sensitive, Dry combo skin and had no negative reaction to it as with all of my Colourpop products which is why I love the brand so much, other than their cute, witty names for shades and inexpensive price tag. 

As The Hoodwitch says, "Rose Quartz nurtures and aids in the use of positive affirmations. Self-Love & Self Trust". 

As The Hoodwitch says, "Rose Quartz nurtures and aids in the use of positive affirmations. Self-Love & Self Trust". 

The Rose Quartz Crystal Priming Spray has been quite the refresher after skincare, before makeup application. I use it the way I used to use my Mac Fix+ as a Priming mist. This Spray is Hydrating and perfect for those with dry skin. Along with crushed rose quartz crystals, this spray also has major beauty benefits like apple extracts to bump up that hydration, grapefruit extract to provide antioxidants and vitamins and it also contains an Olive Oil derived moisturizer for a dewy gleam as your base pre makeup application. To be honest when I read the words "OLIVE OIL",  I was a bit skeptical because I thought "Oh my God, what if it clogs my pores? or possibly break me out?' but thankfully it did neither. My skin felt moisturized, soft, cool and refreshed. I found the subtle grapefruit scent to be revitalizing. Along with the aquamarine crystal setting spray, My makeup application seemed to last throughout a full work day like it normally does, then again I don't really wear too much. With that being said, I don't know how long it will last with a FULL FACE as in foundation, cream contour and highlight, bronzer, powder, etc. I haven't tried it with a full face yet. I'm hopeful it would work. 

The Crystal Collection was said to be Limited Edition (as with a majority of their products) but I have a good feeling they will be re-releasing these gems, and for $6 for the Priming Spray and $9 for the liquid highlighter, it is SO worth a try!!! Search the product on Colourpop.com, click on the product and add your email address to be notified when they come back out.