This Website Could Help Protect Your Skin From Another Breakout

You'll never have to wonder if a product is going to make your skin have a freak out again!

Shop Smart Saturday is back and ready to save your skin from a breakout. If you've got acne prone skin, this post is for you! 

Shop Smart Saturday is all about being an informed consumer. You read reviews. You track trends. And you don't buy any product without researching down a rabbit hole that makes you want to have a paleo-diet for a few weeks! It's the worst when you experience buyer's remorse on account of you not having known what you now know, ya know?

Skincare is trial and error. But there is a way to significantly reduce the 'error' part. Sure, you can go to a dermatologist and have a skin analysis to learn what ingredients put at risk of a breakout so you'll, therefore -avoid them. But we found the millennial approach -a website that does all the guesswork for you!

CosDNA is a website that analyzes a product's ingredient list. It individually ranks the harshness of an ingredient on a scale from 1-9; 9 being the worst on your skin for long-term use. 

"About Comedogenic (Acne), Irritation and Safety
The value of Comedogenic and Irritation from zero to five, the lower the better (the less chance it will happen).
Safety index from 1~9, the lower number means this ingredient is low hazard. Unlike comedogenic and irritation, Safety is a comprehensive index focus on safety on long term usage, according to harmful report from CIR, RTECS, FDA and other related information. The purpose of the index is more inclined to assess whether long-term injury of skin, cells or the human body." - CosDNA

The website is basic and looks outdated but it isn't. It's also super easy to use. There are two ways to search for problematic skincare that I find the most effective. 

The first is by using the 'Product Search' tab. I searched the Peter Thomas RothTherapeutic Sulfur Masque Acne Treatment Masque. It was in their database. Seldom do I find that the product I am looking for is not with in CosDNA's database. 

The ingredients in the product are individually listed and ranked for safety. It's that easy! Now that you know the risk, you are in control of whether or not you can manage a skin breakout this week!


The second approach is by using the 'Analyze Cosmetics' tab. This is helpful if you tried the 'Product Search' tab and weren't successful in your quest. 


This method takes a little more effort on your part. That said, it's still very easy. It's as simple as finding the ingredients list on a product page. Just copy & paste then click 'analysis.'

I copied the ingredients for the Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Mask from it's Sephora webpage. 


CosDNA gave a rank of the ingredients. It even found the name of the of the product I was looking up! It's a tool everyone can use!

Your skin will thank you!

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