Your hair has never been this clean before, R+Co's Oblivion will wipe out all!!

By: Amanda V.


Long story short, I have had so many hair mishaps that I am extremely picky with what I use on my hair. My scalp is extremely sensitive and can be irritated easily and my hair is more on the dry, unruly side. Most of the summer i have been leaving my hair in its natural curly state but during the month of August I've dealt with a few blowouts and that lead to product buildup (thanks to dry texturizing spray and massive amounts of dry shampoo) which lead to an irritated scalp. Even after a regular triple wash my hair never felt clean. I recently took a walk to my local Bluemercury to invest in a new scalp scrub by one of my favorite brands, R+Co but sadly it was already sold out. Since I didn't want to leave the store empty handed, I decided on getting their OBLIVION clarifying shampoo and conditioner. This just so happened to be the best purchase decision i have made in a very long time. 


Keep in mind that when I used this on my hair I had a week old blowout with tons of product buildup and reside from finishing creme, dry shampoo, dry texturizing spray, hairspray as well as the natural oil my scalp produces... GROSS, I know. Even during the summer the chlorine from the pool and hard water from my shower head can lead to build up but after a triple wash with this shampoo my scalp was squeaky clean I mean C L E A N!! Not stripped completely from moisture but stripped from all of the buildup and residue from products and pool sessions. The lather was so comfortable and soothing which I think was due in major part to the ingredients like coconut oil, rosemary leaf extract, witch hazel and tea tree oil. My hair didn't feel like a parched brillo pad at all. It feels like a Detox but for my hair. I feel like my scalp has received a brand new lease on life. The restorative gel conditioner serves as the perfect companion to make this one powerful duo. This conditioner is an oil-in-gel hybrid that hydrates your hair while incorporating nutrients back into it. About 80% of this conditioner is made up of Coconut, Almond, Moringa Seed and Peach Kernal Oils but in a gel form to attach to the strands better. Although it won't lather like your average creamy conditioner, which might turn some people off, but it gets the job done perfectly and my hair is left moisturized and hydrated with superb shine. When would a basic clarifying product leave your hair like this? Never!! At least not that I know of. This lightweight conditioner left my normally dry, and kinda thin hair frizz-free and shiny without any weigh down. Also While Blowdrying my hair it smelled fresh and like the subtle scent on this shampoo and conditioner, THAT'S HOW YOU KNOW THIS CLEANSING DUO LEFT MY HAIR AND SCALP CLEAN AF! I'm 3 days into my blowout and my scalp feels great and my hair still smells clean. It feels so good to finally touch my scalp and not get grossed out. 

The vegan and cruelty-free Oblivion duo is also gentle and mild enough for daily use which is a major plus to those with parched hair like mine. 

R+Co's Oblivion Duo is smaller than the other shampoos and conditioners, Both are 6oz rather than 8oz like the rest of their line. The shampoo retails for $24 and the conditioner retails for about $25. These are worth the splurge for me and I and it to be a worthy investment, whether you just purchase the shampoo or both. You won't realize how clean your hair can actually get until you use this. Totally recommend this duo for the dry, frizzy and thin haired babes. 

Can be purchased at and Bluemercury stores as well as and