The Best Glitter of 2017: Lemonhead.LA

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Yes, that look does need glitter and the only glitter you should be using in 2017 is Spacepaste by Lemonhead.LA. A full coverage glitter gel that seals itself so it lasts! Skip the glue, skip the shifty sifter, that has betrayed us all, and go straight in with a finger application. It’s glitter for makeup artists by a makeup artist! 

Just when Summer '17 was kicking off, our girl, Pepper, slayyyyed a look using Lemonhead.LA glitters she had picked up at The Makeup Show this past May. Using Spacepaste in Adult Film, Dirty Penny, and Glidebeast, Pepper made an unforgettable take on glitter brows. One of her favorite summer trends. When the Meetpepperb team encountered this tiny shelf surrounded by the grandest displays, we were shook! In the midst of live body art, luxury brands, beauty classes, and all of the best that the beauty industry has to offer, this modest Lemonhead.LA display was swarming with people ready swatch! Our keen eye caught sight of sparkling jars and we knew we happened upon true innovation! A crowd surrounded this little area. Everyone wanted a peice. 

When you use Lemonhead.LA, it is apparent that its recipe was crafted by someone who was looking for a solution to the beautiful mess that is glitter. CEO Megan Dugan, put in the work to make glitter so much easier to work with. Spacepaste by Lemonhead.LA is a glitter gel unlike one you have ever seen. It seals the glitter so that it doesn't budge until you are ready to remove it. 

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With glitter comes fall out, right? Wrong! I have tested Spacepaste myself and was, as you guessed it, a skeptic. The glitter stays where you place it. The thick, full coverage glitter goes on with a swipe and is easy to manipulate. Even if the glitter has dried down, you can adjust the glitter pattern by using a spooly or sponge. 

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Spacepaste is a work of art all on it's own. Made in small batches and poured by hand. All of the ingredients are locally sourced. Dugan writes on Lemonhead.LA's about page, "Each product is made by hand and packaged in recyclable luxury glass jars. We still currently make each product ourselves but are in the beginning process of upscaling thanks to the recent increase in demand." Get it, girl! You better work that increase in demand! You've earned it. The height of the quality of your product is proof of love and devotion to your artistry! 

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Glitter has an infectious nature. You can't just have one. So I feel very lucky to have tried four Spacepaste shades. Crystal Tokyo was hands down my favorite shade! The mix of tones and sizes of glitter made my eyes pop open. I couldn't wait to have it on me. Everywhere! All of them performed equally well. Easy on. Stays on. Easy off. My least favorite was Wine Safari because I don't feel that it shimmered quite as brilliantly as the other three. That said, I still liked it!


Glitter is the route to happiness. I am not a makeup artist, but I sure do try lol! You can't help but be inspired when you open your glass jar full of Spacepaste! Here are some ways I used it. 

lemonheadla- mulholland hair braid swatch.jpg

Mulholland in my hair! I am a fairy goddess. A gentle woodland creature that glimmers. Despite my scowl -it was humid and I was getting attacked by mosquitoes. To get this look, I finger combed the glitter through my hair under my braid. I then GENTLY ran a paddle brush through my hair to soften the gel to have flowy hair. On the other side of my part, I wanted a heavy application of glitter so I used a dry sponge to get this look. I do believe this is absolutely wearable in the right setting. You don't need to be on set to look and feel like a space age glitter queen. But that could just be me. 

lemonheadla- mulholland hair swatch.jpg

The second I laid my eyes on Malibu, I wanted to pair it with my Everlasting Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D in Echo. I used a dense, wide, flat shader brush to put this on my lips. 

lemonheadla- malibu lip swatch.jpg
lemonheadla- Crystal tokyo swatch full face.jpg

Crystal Tokyo. it is perfect. I have eyelid space. Like zero. But I wanted it around my eyes in a big way. I used my finger to swipe this spectacular glitter on the hooded part of my eye and drooled. I gasped. I let it dry and adjusted the shape with a spooly. 

lemonheadla- Crystal tokyo swatch eyes shut.jpg

You absolutely need to try Spacepaste by Lemonhead.LA. You will blossom. You will glow. You will shimmer.

Your creativity will ignite!

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