Is Sephora Pro Eyeshadow Palette Really Worth The Money ?

Written By Pepper. B 


If you've been following my website by now you may notice my opinion is pretty black or white. If you're just visiting this website Hello! My name is Pepper.B and my opinion is still pretty black or white lol. Why I decided to create this is post is I'm pretty sure you've seen or heard about the new Sephora Pro Eyeshadow Palette on social media and your curious if this is worth the investment.  When it comes to eyeshadow palettes I've had access to probably every shadow palette. I consider myself pretty tough when critiquing items. The first thing 'Ive noticed is that a lot of people mentioned this palette resembling Natasha Denona's Palette. Aesthetically both palettes resemble each other however any palette that has square shaped eyeshadows with large pans will resemble Natasha's Palette. Technically this palette resembles The Morphe Palette more. However regardless what the palette resembles it is definitely a better buy then the Natasha palette if you're comparing the two.  The price point is 68 dollars. Which equates to less then 2.50 per eyeshadow? So if you're comparing a palette that is 68.00 to a palette that is 129.00 and doesn't close completely. Reconsider what you look for in make-up items.  There are a lot of shadows here so I won't mention or compare this to Huda's palette.  I must say the color pay-off is amazing I'm pretty surprised this is a Sephora palette. No offense but lets be honest Sephora eyeshadows are hit or miss. These shadows also contain antioxidants such as vitamin A & E. Vitamin A is used to help with anti-aging and Vitamin E is used to fight free radicals.  


There are 3 versions of this palette. There is a Cool, Warm and Editorial. I decided to purchase the Warm for personal use and not my kit.  My complexion is a deeper caramel tone and the warmer colors compliment my skin tone more.  I always get stuck with color palettes that I don't use and they end up in my kit.  All of the palettes are extremely pigmented. So if you are interested in any color combination you will be happy.  Below I show examples of both palettes which are stock photos from and the photos honestly don't do them justice they are beautiful in person. I also have below swatches on my arm that does have the tattoos so it doesn't interrupt the color pay-off. I didn't have to dig the shadows to get them to show up. I touched them gently and was a bit shocked with the outcome.! 

Enjoy your palette it is definitely worth the buy!

Sephora's Pro Collection Cool Tone Palette 

Sephora's Pro Collection Cool Tone Palette 

Sephora Editorial Palette 

Sephora Editorial Palette 



My favorite shades are: 

Brick / Hazelnut

Obsidian / Sepia

Sepia Sandstone / Auburn

Caramel / Peach

Terra-cotta / Clay

Swatches sephora pro

Palette in natural light!