Is your face makeup ready?   Can Urban Decay prep pore refining peel make my face ready for makeup?


Urban Decay Prep Pore Refining Peel



I am now very familiar with Urban Decay usually abbreviated ud.  I tried 5 of their products & I am now a definite fan of the brand.   

I was interested to try their makeup prep pore refining peel.  

It comesin one size which 1 oz/ 30 mL & retails for $26.00

Just to give you a quick recap on the brand:

Urban Decay, is described in three words Feminine, Dangerous, & Fun!  It is beauty with an edge.  The company was founded in 1996 & is 21 years old.  It originated in Orange County, California & and it’s corporate office is still in Newport Beach, California.  Although it is geared towards the younger generation, anyone can use & enjoy the brand.  I learned this first hand upon my first experience with Urban Decay.

In the 90’s, Pink was the trend.  Urban Decay Founders, Sandy Lemer, co founder of Cisco Systems & Pat Holmes, were at Lemer’s mansion in London & they mixed raspberry & black together to form a color they named Urban Decay.  They decided to form the cosmetics company Urban Decay.  They launched it in 1996 & the offerings were a line of 10 lipsticks & 12 nail polishes.  All their colors were inspired by urban landscape & their products had names such as smog, roach, oil, rust, slick, & acid rain.

Over the years they have been owned byMoet -Hennessy Lous Vuitton, The Falic Group,and Castanea Partners.  Currently they are owned by Loreal who paid $350 million for the brand.

The company has been recognized by PETA for being cruelty-free to animals.  Not only is there no animal testing to make their products, their makeup brushes are made from taklon.    They are 100% synthetic fiber instead of made from animal hairs like most brushes on the market.


The pore refining peel is made for all skin types to include normal, oily, combination, dry & sensitive.  

It is used on your t-zone and on problem areas of your face.  Apply this smooth clear gel to your zone & problem areas.  Let dry for 10 minutes and then peel off.  Rinse any residue with warm water.   It is used only for problem areas.  


The product was made to prepare your skin before you apply make up.   It is used to draw out impurities, making the pores appear smaller, more refined and cleaner.   The product has 9 plant extracts in the ingredients.

Some of the extracts & what they do include, Sugarcane extract (a natural form of glycolic acid) exfoliates, Irish moss soothes skin and supports cell renewal.   Common St. John’s wort, burdock root extract, and peppermint extract help condition.  Lemon balm delivers skin-calming properties. 

It has no parabens.  

I applied this to my t-zone & a couple of problem areas.  I have to admit, I had tried like products in the past and was not happy with how they worked.  After letting it dry for 10 minutes, this was extremely easy to peel off.  After peeling it off, the product really performed the way it had promised.  My pores did appear smaller & cleaner.  The added plus was the skin also felt softer.  

I then applied my makeup & it did look better.  I feel the product really performs well & I would definitely use for those days & night, I want to look extra special.


At $26.00, I feel it a worthwhile investment.  This product will last a long time & is a product that helps the skin look and feel improved.


It can be purchased at Urban Decay or Sephora:

4 out of stars