Have you washed your skin recently? Can your face really smell, feel, & look like fresh linen?

Written By Deanna P

Every time I turn around there is a new brand introduced to the market.    The latest one I discovered is Skin Laundry. 


The brand was founded by Yen Reis.  It’s the age old story of how the founder suffered from skin issues that got more and more severe as she aged.  In Asia, she found laser light therapy helped her skin tremendously.  It was an easy treatment that was quick and effective and had no downtime.    When she moved to Los Angeles, there was nothing like it there.  She met with laser experts and in 2013 Skin Laundry was created & she opened the first store.  Now there are locations in California, NY, Arizona, London & Hong Kong.  More will be opening soon.  Along with the stores there is a whole line of products that work to compliment the laser light therapy & work well on their own.   I loved the way the brand was packaged so I was thrilled to try it. I tried the gentle foaming face wash.  It came inSIZE 6.7 oz/ 200 mL for $20.00, but I tried a 1.7 oz/50mL sample size. Besides a classy logo, the bottle states these three words; clean, calm, and soften.  This is how the product is said to leave your skin after use, like fresh linen.  The product can be used on all skin types including sensitive.   There are no Parabens, Sulfates, & PhthalatesIt can be used in the mornings & evenings.  Apply a small amount to damp skin.  Massage in to skin for 30-60 seconds & rinse with warm water.  


The ingredients & what they do are listed below:

-Panthenol: Acts as a humectant to attract moisture and bind water to keep skin moisturized.

-Shea Butter: Provides a soft, conditioned feel to skin.

-Cucumber Extract: Provides ultra-calming and soothing effect on skin as well as moisture-regulation to revitalize and hydrate skin.

-Chamomile Extract: Possesses gentle soothing properties that alleviate itching and irritation.


I really liked this product.  I had been looking for a new face wash & I think I found it.  My skin feels softer, & so clean after I washed it.  The ingredients are healthy & natural and all do something to make my skin look & feel healthy.  At $20.00, I feel the price is fair for what is currently on the market.  I would definitely recommend this brand & product.  I am even considering trying the laser light therapy.  

You can purchase this product at Sephora & the manufacturer’s website: